Sugar gliders are small creatures that may seem like an unusual animal to add to your home. However, they can be wonderful family pets.

Sugar gliders can make great family pets if you're willing to make the time to care for and entertain them.
Sugar gliders can make great family pets if you’re willing to take the time to care for and entertain them.
Image by Pete from Flickr

Sugar gliders are marsupials that resemble squirrels. These small creatures, once grown, weigh 6 ounces and have a height of around 6 inches. Owning this unusual animal requires giving a lot of affection and 1-on-1 time. Overall, a sugar glider is a fabulous family pet for those who have the time to dedicate to care and bonding.

Sugar Gliders Are Superb Family Pets for Those With Kids

Sugar gliders love being held, played with, and snuggled. If you are looking for a family pet that your children will love, this small creature is a wonderful option. Sugar gliders do, however, need a lot of attention and affection to thrive. Be sure to do your research before investing in buying this unusual animal as a new family pet. Purchase a pair of sugar gliders to ensure ample affection is given.

Besides being very loving unusual animals, sugar gliders also love to explore. These small creatures are nocturnal, so they prefer to do the bulk of their exploring at night. That’s why it’s important to have a cage with a proper latch for this family pet. Sugar gliders do not do well with other pets and may attack them. It’s best only to add this small creature to your family if you have no other pets or aquatic pets that the sugar glider won’t view as a threat.

Sugar Gliders Can Be Loud Family Pets Yet Shy at First

A sugar glider will make an amazing family pet to add to your home.
A sugar glider will make an amazing family pet to add to your home.
Image by lau4076 from Flickr

Whether it’s for attention, out of fear, or simple frustration, your pet sugar glider will let out a howl or whoop from time to time. Typically, this whoop is done out of being mad, but some of these unusual animals use their voice to express joy or to communicate with each other. It’s best to treat a sugar glider howl as a sign to give them their space; otherwise, you may risk getting bit by this small creature.

Before you bring this family pet home, you need to buy some supplies. Though sugar gliders are small, they prefer to live in enormous cages with plenty of room for movement and roaming. If possible, buy a vertical cage that allows for exploring and several toys for this unusual animal to. You may also want to buy some climbing structure for both inside and outside of the cage. For outside, you can buy a simple cat tree. The sugar glider’s cage will need to be lined with wood chips and cleaned once per week. Place a nesting box somewhere in the cage for this small creature to use as a bed.

Sugar Gliders Are Unusual Animals That Make Perfect Family Pets

While sugar gliders differ from purchasing a cat or dog, they are similar for care and supply needs. A sugar glider needs to be in a loving home that understands just how important exercise, stimulation, and love are to small creatures like this. Plus, since sugar gliders can live for up to 15 years, you’ll have plenty of time to build a strong, lasting bond with this unusual animal.

Sugar gliders have some specific dietary needs. These small creatures need a healthy and nutritious diet filled with fresh foods. Fruits and vegetables are integral to the diet of this unusual animal. Insects and soft, bland cereal are also needed to supplement your sugar glider’s diet. They require calcium powder to help maintain their bone and joint health. Allow this family pet to have constant access to water and food, to eat as they please on their schedule.

Sugar gliders are a marvelous option when it comes to choosing a family pet. These small creatures are very loving, playful, and affectionate. This unusual animal will cost as much as $500 to purchase; however, be aware they are illegal to own in a handful of states in both America and Australia.

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