Not all dog breeds are great with kids, so parents should be careful while looking for a new dog. These five breeds are great if you have children.

All of these five breeds are proven to be great choices for parents
All of these five breeds are proven to be great choices for parents
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If you’re looking for a new dog, your family may play a significant factor in what breed you decide to get. Like Pit Bulls and German Shepherds, some dog breeds are known to be somewhat risky choices if you have children.

Some dog owners may be worried about allowing a larger dog around small children, or the possibility of a dog attacking a child when accidentally provoked. Kids, after all, don’t always have the best self-control.

If you want to be on the safe side, all of the breeds listed below are known to be great with kids. If you’re looking for a dog your whole family can like, look for one of these breeds.

Kid-Friendly Dog Breed #1: Beagle

Beagles are a great choice for families
Beagles are a great choice for families
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If you’ve got kids in the house and you’re looking for a dog, Beagles are a fantastic choice. Not only are they on the small side, but they’re also known for being friendly, calm and sociable dogs. Plus, since they’re energetic and love being around people, a Beagle will easily adapt to a large family with a lot of kids.

However, if you’re going to introduce a Beagle into your family, you should try to find a young one. Older Beagles may have trouble adjusting to a large family if they haven’t received proper socialization.

Besides, Beagles tend to bark and sometimes howl – a leftover from the breed’s days as hunting dogs. This may be a problem for people with babies or small children. However, with older children, Beagles may be an excellent choice.

Kid-Friendly Dog Breed #2: Labrador Retriever

Labradors are a great choice if you have kids
Labradors are a great choice if you have kids
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Labrador Retrievers make great family pets. They’re loyal and protective, which can make for an excellent guard dog. However, they’re also friendly, and they have a generally relaxed temperament, which means that their protective tendencies aren’t likely to pose any danger to your children.

If you’re going to get a Labrador Retriever, you’ll need to make sure that someone in your house is willing to play with and exercise the dog regularly, especially when they’re a puppy. These energetic dogs will require a lot of exercise and attention.

Kid-Friendly Dog Breed #3: French Bulldog

French bulldogs are gentle and intelligent, making them great for families with small kids
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French Bulldogs tend to be intelligent and gentle, making them an excellent choice for a family pet. The breed generally has a stable temperament, which means that they can easily stay calm and avoid defensive reactions in unfamiliar or threatening situations. This makes them a great choice for dog owners who have small children since little kids can get rough sometimes.

The breed may also be the right choice for families who won’t spend as much time exercising as a Lab or a Beagle might need. French Bulldogs still need exercise, but this breed tends to wear out quicker and avoid strenuous activity.

Kid-Friendly Dog Breed #4: Pug

Pugs were bred for companionship, so they make great family pets
Pugs were bred for companionship, so they make great family pets
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Like French Bulldogs, Pugs were bred to be companion pets. They tend to have gentle and stable temperaments. As a result, Pugs generally get along well with strangers, kids, or other animals, and they will stay calm if your kids play rough with them.

However, this doesn’t mean you should allow your kids to play too rough with your Pug. Pugs aren’t as delicate as some other lapdog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, but they’re still not as tough as most bigger dogs. Just like Frenchies, Pugs will need limited exercise and should avoid extreme heat or strenuous exercise.

Kid-Friendly Dog Breed #5: Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are usually great with kids
Boston Terriers are usually great with kids
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Boston Terriers were originally bred as fighting dogs, but any fighting tendencies in the breed were bred out a long time ago. These days the Boston Terrier is usually a lap dog, and they make great pets if you have small children. Their playful, easygoing nature, along with their clownish tendencies, makes for lovable and entertaining pets.

Boston Terriers can be extremely hyperactive. This means that someone in your family will have to exercise them regularly. However, if someone in your family has the time and energy for it, having a hyperactive dog around can be fun!

If you’ve got kids at home, choosing dog breeds can be a hassle. All of the dog breeds above, generally speaking, are pretty safe bets if you’ve got children at home – and they’ll make great additions to your family.

If you have any of the above dogs, we would love to hear your kid-friendly anecdotes. If you scroll down, we have a comments section where you can tell us your story. Who knows, we may feature you in an article!