Ginger cats are fascinating, and they have a special place in my heart. They are the perfect felines! Here are a few reasons why you should get one.

My own ginger cat, Simba.
My own, and very much loved, ginger cat, Simba

Ginger cats are popular among cat lovers not only because of their lovable personalities but also because of their bold and bright fur coats. Here are several facts about them:

Ginger Cat Facts

My Simba loves to curl up beside me and asks for belly rubs!
Simba loves to curl up beside me and asks for belly rubs (if he’s in the mood)

All Ginger Cats are Tabbies

Tabby” is a coat pattern, and they come in different colors like brown, gray, and a variety of reds or ginger. There are four types of patterns which are: mackerel (striped), classic (marbled), ticked (stripeless), and spotted. One unique feature of tabby cats is the “M” mark on their heads.

80% of Ginger Cats are Male

The red fur gene comes from the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, and males have XY. Females need to have two copies of the X chromosome to be ginger while males will only need one, thus a higher chance. With so many possible combinations on females, it is rare for them to be ginger.

Ginger Cats are Famous

Are the names Garfield, Puss In Boots, Crookshanks, and Orangey familiar to you? If not, you have to look them up. They’re some of the more popular orange felines on TV!

Ginger Cats Have Freckles

Have you ever noticed the little black spots on your cat’s nose or the inside of their mouths? That’s normal. All ginger cats develop these freckles. However, if you notice a slight difference to its pigmentation, you might want to get it checked by your vet.

Ginger Cats Are Huge, but Don’t Let Them Get Fat

Ginger cats are not picky eaters. They will put almost everything in their mouths, but that doesn’t mean you should let them. Obesity is bad for cats. Plan physical activities for your fur baby, if possible.

Ginger Cats Are Talkative and Friendly

Simba will stay under the rug until he falls asleep.
Simba will stay under the rug until he falls asleep

People say that a cat’s personality varies on their fur color and that ginger cats won the “Most Friendly” award. You can say that they are dogs trapped in a cat’s body. They tend to be snuggly and clingy, opposite to the usual aloof personality of most cats. As an absolute cat lover, I’ll say that the most sociable feline are gingers. Of all the cats I had, the orange fur balls are always the most responsive.

My ginger cat, Simba, follows me around all the time—he acts as my bodyguard when I’m in the bathroom, he loves it when I watch him sleep, and he meows loudly at my bedroom door in the mornings to wake me up. He’s like a little child who doesn’t want to lose sight of their mom.

Ginger cats are not shy animals either. When we have guests at home, my other cat hides and doesn’t come out until all the other people leave. But not Simba! He plays with everybody, even if they’re strangers to him. He loves the attention.

Ginger Cats Are Both Playful and Chill

Simba can sleep in the weirdest positions.
Simba can sleep in the weirdest positions. He knows exactly how to chill

Because ginger cats are social animals, they are easy to entertain. They will play with almost anything—from tiny bugs crawling around to bottle caps. They’ll even play with a broom as you’re sweeping the floor. They’ll play with anything that moves, really.

I play tag with my cat, but when I don’t, he entertains himself by running around the house. Sometimes, he slips and bumps into things because of his speed. He also loves burying himself under the rugs and stay like that for several minutes even when we poke the huge bulge that is the cat.

But even though ginger cats are energetic, they can be chill too. Mine surely knows how to enjoy relaxation. He will sleep in the weirdest positions and enjoys it. You can call him “the cat who can’t be moved.”

Ginger Cats Are Courageous

My ginger can be goofy at times but he's also very brave.
My ginger cat can be goofy at times, but he’s also very brave

Ginger cats are brave. They’re not afraid of situations they’re unfamiliar with. This is why they are effective hunters. Their boldness makes it easier for them to be friendly with strangers and other cats in the neighborhood.

At my previous job, to go to the office, I used to pass an alley where most neighborhood cats would hang out. Though there were a lot of them, I couldn’t pet any because they’d scatter when I’d try—all except one ginger cat. I got to watch this cat grow up. One day, to my surprise, it ran towards me and asked for some petting when I coaxed it. It even intended to follow me to my office but was intimidated by a neighborhood dog.

Ginger cats love their independence. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t depend on you for their basic needs. As a pet owner, taking care of them is your responsibility. They just don’t like to be told what to do!

Ginger cats are special. Their bright color gives people warmth and happiness, which may be why they have cheerful personalities. However, keep in mind that all cats deserve love and care. Whatever color fur the cat that might appear at your door has, welcome it home.