How to deal with your pet’s shedding without having to spend hundreds on useless tools. Stay clean, allergy-free, and ready for guests.

Shedding happens. Try to get ahead of the mess with these tips.
Pet hair will overtake your house fast. Stay ahead of the problem.
Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

How can you Get Ahead of the Shed?

Pets Shed. It’s in their nature.

One brilliant way to get ahead of shedding is by brushing your pet regularly. By brushing or bathing your pet, you are pulling out any loose hair that’s ready to fall out. Be sure to do this in an easy-to-clean space or outside so the hair won’t spread all over your house.

Keeping your pet on a regular diet will also help to avoid shedding. A healthy pet will be less likely to get skin diseases or develop skin irritation. Over-shedding can be a sign of pet disease. Bring your pet to a veterinarian if you notice they are shedding much more than usual. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Develop a grooming schedule, so you never fall behind the mess. If you take your pet to a grooming service, be sure to schedule regular appointments. Some groomers even have treatments they use to reduce shedding. If you don’t use a groomer, set a reminder for yourself. This way, you’ll never forget to take care of your pet and stay ahead of the problem. A groomed dog is less likely to spread hair throughout your house.

How to Protect your Home from Shedding

Looking into covers for your furniture isn’t a terrible idea. You could use the blankets you have shoved in the back of the closet or fitted sheets wrapped around your sofa. It’ll do the job. That way, any unexpected guests won’t know a thing about your pet’s shedding. Just pull off the covers and avoid any pet hair. It’s an easy fix.

Look into carpet cleaning. Shedding almost always takes out its revenge on the carpet. Whether you use your own vacuum or a professional service, cleaning your carpets will help with allergies and keep your house clean.

Shedding worsens allergies. If allergies in your home get bad, try out a filter for your vents. This prevents pet hair from traveling through your house. Reducing the amount of hair flying through your home is a great way to help your family stay healthy. There are filters for vents specifically made to keep pet dander in control. Look for these filters at stores near you.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on crazy products to manage your pet’s shedding. Keep them on a healthy diet, and groom them regularly. Pets shed, it’s in their nature, but through these steps, you can manage it while keeping your home clean.