Huskies get easily stir-crazy, so keeping up with them can take a lot of work. When brutal heat keeps you home, here are some options to consider.

A bored husky
Kay, re-watched 101 Dalmatians. Now what, Ma?
Image by Joe007 from Pixabay

When it’s too warm to take your husky to the dog park, you don’t need a pandemic to keep you indoors. Thankfully, there are many activities you can try. (A little disclaimer: This blog post is a general list of tips. Please consult a professional veterinarian if your husky has a health condition.)


A husky swimming
Just your friendly neighborhood aquatic omnivore
Photo by Egidijus Bielskis on Unsplash

Water is a husky’s friend. Just like humans can use a spa day or two, many huskies love to splash and get soaked. Hours can fly by when your husky has their very own inflatable pool. There are many dog-specific paddling pools on the market so you don’t need to worry about pointy claws.

Have you considered investing in a push pedal water fountain? It provides physical and mental stimulation and cools down your furry friend at the same time.

Cold Treats

Nom, nom, nom … OW! Brain freeze!

Huskies have a double-layered coat, so their love for ice shouldn’t come as a surprise. That love is manifested not just through their snow angels, but also their consumption of ice. Making popsicles out of dog-safe fruits like watermelon can be a great idea too. (Do make sure to remove the rinds and seeds beforehand.)

Many huskies love to splash and get soaked. Hours can fly by when your husky has their very own inflatable pool.

Get Creative!

An excited blue-eyed husky
Ready or not, here I husky!
Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels

Having been bred to pull sleds, huskies appreciate challenges and games. If you have a sandbox or a pile of mud sitting in your backyard, you might notice them digging. Hiding things in certain places and rewarding your husky for finding them can be a fun game for both owner and pet. And of course, hide-and-seek is a classic!

Come and fiiiiiiiiiind meeeee! 🙂

There are precautions with the tips above, of course. You must make sure to dry off the coat after a glorious husky ice bath. Double-checking with your vet about your dog’s gastrointestinal health before giving popsicles is a must. If you have any gnarly suggestions to share, feel free to comment below!

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