Let’s look back at the highlights from last week’s best pet articles. Why pet rabbits eat their poop, advice for dog lovers that hate cats, and more!

Last Week's Highlights: The Best in Pets
Last Week’s Highlights: The Best in Pets
Photo by Sereja Ris on Unsplash

It was an exciting week for our Pets section! Aside from updates in the worlds of cats and dogs, other pets were also highlighted. Horses enjoy a gentle touch. Rabbits have some odd habits. And all pets could enjoy our best rainy day essentials!

Horses Love a Gentle Touch

Writer and horse lover Ellie Phant takes a compassionate look into the art of being gentle with one’s horse. In sharing these pieces of advice and other tips, even the most devoted horse lover can benefit from this article.

How should you approach your hose? What is the best strategy for brushing your horse? Read “The Gentle Art: 5 Tips to Reduce Horse Stress” for the best information now!

Pet Rabbits and Their Habits

Last Week's Highlights: The Best in Pets.
Last Week’s Highlights: The Best in Pets.
Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash

Rabbits aren’t the most common pets, but bunny owners know that these cute companions have some interesting habits. In our first post on pet rabbits, we answer the age-old question: Why do rabbits eat their poop?

Other weird habits highlighted in this article include thumping, flopping, and binkies! Discover all this and more in our article, “Why Rabbits Eat Their Poop and 5 Other Weird Habits.”

Pet Cats Deserve a Chance

We all know someone who likes dogs or likes cats. There’s no middle ground with some of these people; or is there? Converting a dog lover into a cat fan could seem hard, but writer Brianna Schullo takes on the challenge.

Join the discussion now: Dear Dog Lovers Who Hate Cats, Hear Me Out.

Best Rainy Day Essentials for Pets

Last Week's Highlights: The Best in Pets
Last Week’s Highlights: The Best in Pets
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Wet weather doesn’t have to dampen your day with your pet. “7 Rainy Day Essentials Your Pet Needs” highlights the best answers to your rainy day questions.

Toys, treats, outfits, and more could brighten your pet’s bad-weather mood. Read more here!

Best Bets for Shedding Pets

Want to get “ahead of the shed” or protect your home from a shedding pet’s hair and fur? We share some tips and tricks in our recent post, “Handle Shedding in Your Home the Easy Way.” Check it out!

Last Week's Highlights: The Best in Pets
Last Week’s Highlights: The Best in Pets
Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

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