Your pet is an integral part of your life, making your choice of veterinarian VERY important. We can help you find the right vet for you and your pet.

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A good veterinarian loves your animal almost as much as you
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Your Vet Will Be a Part of You and Your Pet’s Life

There are probably few better feelings in the world than bringing a pet into your home.  There are certainly few feelings worse than coming home to find your pet sick and in need of a vet.  Here are seven tips for picking the best vet for your pet.

  1. Start with Google – Find the veterinarians near you and look at their ratings.  If a vet has a high rating, someone else has done some of the work for you
  2. Ask other pet owners – If all your friends have cats and are raving about their vet, but you are getting a dog, ask some dog owners at the dog park or boardwalk especially if it is an exotic breed
  3. Distance to home – Sometime in your pet’s life, you will need a veterinarian.  The one with the ‘Best” reviews may be across town and hard to get to when you are emotional and in a rush.  Better to find one closer to home
  4. Check the physical location – If it’s an emergency, is there parking, or is there a metro or bus station close by?
  5. Human vibe the Vet – Go there and inquire about their facilities. If you dig them, then your pet will probably too
  6. Pet vibe them – If your pet does not like them, try another.  Listen to your pet
  7. Hours of operation – Boutique businesses are wonderful but aren’t the easiest to work with when their hours don’t align with the customers’ needs.  If the vet is directing you to an animal hospital after hours each time you need them, best find a different vet in my opinion

My vet is two kilometers and three tram stations away. There are other vets closer to my home, but my current vet, Pegasus, is the best.  They are open 24hrs and only on one occasion have we needed to go past regular business hours. I’ll tell you, having them open that one time was a relief.

Where Is as Important as Who

Sometimes you will need your vet to be there
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

My vet does a great job with my dog Gezi.  All of the workers know her and pet her when we arrive.  The doctors and techs do their jobs efficiently and have kept Gezi healthy through a few rough moments.

To date, Gezi has needed to go to the vet for a few different reasons other than routine shots and checkups.  When a stray dog attacked her, they saved her and stitched her side.  On another occasion, she had a fish hook lodged inside her cheek.  They removed it, as well as a bone, that caused her face to swell.  And finally, they were there for her and her broken tail when I brought her home from a harrowing snowy day in the mountains.

Your pet is a massive part of your life.  It’s better to have your pet’s caregiver to be someone you both feel comfortable with.  Gezi is a poster child for Pegasus. Her picture is on their wall of fame, and each and every time we go, she is only afraid for the brief moment when the needle pricks her bum.  Then she shakes it off and is raring to go again and again and again.  My life with a JRT.

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