After social distancing for almost three months now, it’s hard to find excitement in the day-to-day. However, if you have a dog companion, then you already have an advantage. Together, you and your dog can have an eventful, fun day while still social distancing.

Treat yourself and your dog to a fun "date" day.
Treat yourself and your dog to a fun “date” day.
Photo Courtesy of Nappy Studios

Bake Treats for You and Your Dog

Many of us have the time to bake and want that good home cooking. Why not let your dog get in on the fun? Sure, they can’t help you but you can let them sniff your mixture and taste test along the way. Then, while the treats are baking, you can have designated playtime with your dog so they build an appetite.

It’s best to start off simple if you’re new to baking dog treats. Here are 25 dog treat recipes that call for 5 ingredients or fewer. Since you’re already in the kitchen baking dog treats, whip together something simple, yet sweet for yourself. After all, you both should get to have a good day!

Baking is always a great date idea! Let your dog get in on the fun!
Baking is always a great date idea! Let your dog get in on the fun for the day!
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Teach Your Dog a New Trick, or at Least Attempt To

Unless your dog is highly intelligent, evolved, and trained, then you can teach your dog at least one new trick while you’re stuck together for days on end. Your dog can learn to sit, stay, roll over — you name it!

When you can eventually have guests over, they will be wildly impressed with your dog’s skilled army crawl or salute. There are plenty of dog tricks to teach. Here are 20 tricks you can teach your dog if you’re feeling adventurous!

Watch a Movie or Documentary About Dogs or Other Animals

If you are interested in learning more about your furry friend, then check out any dog-centered documentaries or movies based on real dogs. I’m personally a fan of the Air Bud movies, specifically Spooky Buddies, but there are more sophisticated options like A Dog’s Purpose, Hachi, and A Dog’s Journey.

Sometimes, dogs like to watch movies too, especially if there’s another dog or animal making noise in it. My dog’s personal favorite is War for the Planet of the Apes. I guess the monkey noises resonated with him because he was VERY focused.

Go on a Joy Ride With Your Dog As Your Passenger

Let the wind flow through your hair and your dog's ears. I can't think of a more romantic day.
Let the wind flow through your hair and your dog’s ears. What a day that would be.
Photo by Emerson Peters on Unsplash

Unless your dog isn’t good with car rides, then bring them along on a joy ride to break up both of your days. You can make a groovy playlist, roll down the windows, and see civilization from a distance. Maybe you can even make a pit stop at a dog park.

However, if there are a lot of people around, it might be tricky to keep your distance. But you are a human adult who can judge the safety risks. I’m just the dog whisperer trying to put together a dog date itinerary.

I know the days can get repetitive, but you can always switch things up and plan a cute day with your dog. It’s a nice reset for both of you. So put down the dog leash, pick up a dog treat recipe, or start your engines because you have a dog to entertain.