Cleaning products are often dangerous to children and pets in the house. So, when cleaning urine from the rug, natural ingredients help. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are safe choices to kill urine odors from carpets. It also doesn’t fade the color of the carpet.

The safest cleaning methods for pet urine.
The safest cleaning methods for pet urine.
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Basic Steps to Clean up Pet Urine

First, it is important to dry it up right away. Leaving wet urine on the carpet will lead to a powerful odor throughout your entire home. Next, mark the dry spot and make sure you clean up the accident area soon.

Remove Urine with Vinegar Solution

Clean up wet pet urine. Once it dries, the urine stains the carpet and causes bacteria growth. Layers of paper towels above the pet urine spot pressed down, can absorb as much pet pee as possible.

After it is dry, make the vinegar solution with one part white vinegar to one part water. Vinegar kills the ammonia smell of urine without fading rug colors. Pour the solution onto the area of the accident. Let the carpet absorb the solution for 10 minutes and soak it up with paper towels. Sprinkle some baking soda on the area after it is completely dry several hours later to clear the odor. Leave them for about 15 minutes then vacuum them up.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleans Pet Urine

Also, hydrogen peroxide before white vinegar makes a slightly stronger cleaner safe inside your home. The same first and final steps as above help with the safe cleaning of pet urine accidents.

In this solution, combine hydrogen peroxide 3%. It helps to break down stains and destroy odors. Use this lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide because stronger ones affect carpet colors. Spray or pour this onto the stain spot and let it dry. Rinse it with water, and dry it with paper towels again. You can use a white vinegar solution to finish cleaning up pet urine spots.