Have the kids been asking for a puppy or a kitten lately? Some television shows show wonderful dogs for families and the love that they offer. But, are the kids ready for all the responsibility and cleaning that those pets need?

Turtles and other low-maintenance pets for kids.
Turtles and other low-maintenance pets for kids.
Photo by Fernando Maté on Unsplash

They may be like family, but a lot more work comes with furry pets. Also, they go to the bathroom outside and be fed at least once, if not more often, every day. And, training…there is always training. Kids don’t know how to train the dog to behave in the house. To train them to tell you when it’s time to go out or to behave around others when you go for a walk.

The Best First Pets for Kids

So, there are some safe pets that may be well-contained and managed by the kids in your house. If you think about these, they are often very attractive; they eat very little, are more affordable, and take much less work in the long run.

Safe Pets and Low-Maintenance Pets Include:

  • Reptiles (e.g., snakes, turtles, frogs)
  • Fish
  • Hamsters
  • Mice
  • Guinea pigs
  • Gerbils
  • Ferrets
  • Hermit crabs

Also, these kids’ pets are silent in their cages and aquariums. They also won’t ruin any furniture or go to the bathroom on the carpet or rugs. This means they are safe pets for all of you. If you don’t worry about the noise or the cleaning of a cage, then a bird may be another low-maintenance pet option.

So, you may want pets that need the least care. Maybe you need pets that need the least food or cleaning. These work with these three options combined.

High-Maintenance Pets

Dogs often need to walk or at least let out to go to the bathroom, so they may not make the best kids’ pets. And cats need litter boxes refilled regularly. Both also might have bathroom accidents all over the house when you are away for a long time. And if kids forget that they complete these so-called disgusting tasks, or don’t want to do them, it’s left on your shoulders to care for them.