Has your pup’s feet ever smelled like Fritos and you thought you were going crazy? You are not alone. If you have yet to deal with this, here’s what it means for your pup’s health.

What Frito Feet Means For Your Pups Health And How To Treat It
What Frito Feet Means For Your Pups Health And How To Treat It
Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

You’re lying on your couch curled up with your pup and you smell Fritos. Have you been there before? That is exactly what happened to me.

We did not have Frito-Lays in the house at the time and it all seemed so odd. I began sniffing around until I found the culprit: my pup. But not just my pup… his feet!

In my mind, he had stepped on a Frito somewhere and it caused his feet to smell like that. But I was wrong. 

How Does Frito Feet Happen?

What Frito Feet Means For Your Pups Health And How To Treat It
How Does Frito Feet Happen And What It Means For Your Pups Health
Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Dogs walk around on their feet all day, usually without socks, shoes, or slippers like humans. Because of this pups have a ton of bacteria living on the bottom of their puppy pads.

As dog owners all know, our pups love to groom themselves, especially their paws. So now we are adding saliva into the bacteria mix.

But wait, there’s more. In order to regulate their body temperatures, dogs sweat through their paw pads. All this mixed together is what causes the corn smell also known as Frito Feet. 

When Should You Worry About Frito Feet?

When You Should Worry About Your Pup's Health And Frito Feet
When You Should Worry About Your Pup’s Health And Frito Feet
Photo by Tookapic from Pexels

This doesn’t mean you’re not taking care of your pup though. Trust me, that was my first thought. I cried and thought I was a horrible dog mom for not giving him enough baths or taking care of his feet.

Smelly feet are completely normal for pups, but it shouldn’t be overbearing. If the smell is becoming a problem, look at your pup’s feet. Look to see if there are any areas that might be alarming like swelling or redness. If you do see that, contact your vet right away. 

What Should You Do About Your Pup’s Stinky Feet?

What You Should Do For Your Pup's Stinky Feet And Their Health
What You Should Do For Your Pup’s Stinky Feet And Their Health
Image by oritslama from Pixabay

If the paws are just really smelly without any problem areas, try soaking your pup’s feet in warm water with soap. Dry them off and take the time to trim any long hairs in between their paws.

Bacteria usually stick to the hairs and can continue to buildup over time causing the feet to smell worse. If your pup’s nails could use a trim, try that as well. Anything to help the smelly paws! 

Frito Feet are a common issue among dogs, so if you get a whiff, try not to panic. My pup gets a little smelly sometimes, that just means he’s having fun!

Maybe, if you’re lucky, your dog will let you put shoes on them before walks to take care of those cute little paw pads! Unless your dog is like mine.