The current lockdown has definitely put a strain on many couples’ relationships. In some cases, couples have realized that counseling would be the best way to keep their relationships healthy. If that’s you, let’s look at how that works.

Take the right steps towards counseling in the lockdown
Take the right steps towards counseling in the lockdown
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1. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Counseling Alone

Getting solo counseling might sound like the opposite of what you should be doing, but it helps. Sometimes, couples can solve their issues by talking to the counselor individually. This gives the counselor time to see the situation from both sides.

If you have specific mental health issues of your own, it could be helpful to get your own counselor altogether. This way, your issues won’t get in the way of couples’ counseling.

2. Set Shared Counseling Goals

Your couples’ counseling is more likely to be effective if you start off on the same page. Agreeing that you need counseling is only the start. You and your partner must also talk about what you hope to get out of the counseling sessions.

That doesn’t mean re-hashing all the issues in detail. With that move, you could derail your couples’ counseling before it even begins. Stick to some general basics like ‘improving communication’ or ‘conflict resolution skills’.

Online counselors are a great resource during the lockdown
Online counselors are a great resource during the lockdown
Photo courtesy of Mohamed Hassan

3. Choose the Right Counselor for You

You may be in lockdown, but it doesn’t mean you must choose any counselor you come across. Since the pandemic, several people and organizations have put their services online. This gives you time to find one that works for your relationship.

In some cases, couples’ counseling may be free or more affordable than you thought. Take the time to research and interview counselors.

The lockdown is hard for couples and counseling could be what you need to get things in line. When you’re working on your relationship, make sure you have set goals. Don’t settle for the first counselor you find, either. Your relationship deserves the right fit.