COVID-related job loss impacts many people. If it affects your partner, you’ll need to know how to help them cope with their new circumstances.

Partners need support after job loss
Support is important when a partner loses a job

Cater to Their Emotional Needs

Job loss comes with its own unique set of emotions and you have to give your partner the space to deal with them. It might be tempting to edge them towards a more positive outlook if they’re feeling down, but that might not have the best results. Instead, let them grieve the loss of employment. Over time, you can nudge them closer to the positive side of things. On the other hand, some people become frantic balls of energy and you’ll need to be there to stabilize them. Left unchecked, your partner could be heading for the crash of burnout.

Encourage Them to Explore

It’s hard to think that anything good could come out of this crisis, but some things have. Many organizations and schools have opened up their programs. Your partner could have more options than ever before to explore the hobbies that they love. When it comes to dealing with job loss, filling their time with enjoyable tasks will be essential to helping them cope. This could also be a good time to use cheap or free online courses to enhance their skill set. With some new knowledge under their belt, it could open up more employment opportunities or even steer them towards entrepreneurship.

Help Them with Their Job Search

Whether your partner takes time to start looking for another job or jumps right into the search, you’ll need to lend them some support. If they’re having trouble finding jobs in the same vein as what they did before, help them cope by identifying skills relevant to other jobs. For example, project management and people skills are important to many companies. Since a lot of recruiters have taken their searches online, make sure to encourage your partner to build an online presence if they don’t already have one.