We all have unique ideas about what qualifies as a romantic gesture, but the feelings they evoke remain. Here are three romantic gestures that stand the test of time.

Romanic red, heart-shaped tree
Romantic gestures that stand the test of time. Image by skeeze from Pixabay.

From compiling music playlists (remember the days of cassette tapes?) to giving a girl flowers, romantic gestures have dotted our lives and romantic relationships. Technological advances and improvements in socio-economic conditions have introduced new romantic gestures to express love in a relationship. Nowadays, some people prefer receiving plants instead of flowers because cut flowers don’t last!

Romantic Gesture #1: He Writes You Letters

Romantic love letters
Romantic gesture – he writes you a letter.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Letter writing, of the pen and paper variety, is rare within modern-day romantic relationships. When verbal expressions fail you, putting pen to paper to express your feelings for another is romantic. Seeing love in action is wonderful, but sometimes women (and men) want to hear the words expressing your love and feelings. How great is it to listen to what’s in a man’s heart? There is something intimate about seeing those words in his own handwriting instead of a computer screen. A handwritten love letter evokes emotion. It’s a tangible, romantic gesture that one can hold on to for generations.

I know many couples, now in their 40s, who’ve held onto love letters from when they were younger. It’s a firsthand account of your love history, a reminder of your romance.

It’s my favorite romantic gesture because, unlike flowers, it can last a lifetime. How many husbands or wives find comfort in old love letters after their spouse passed on. It wasn’t just the words; it was the handwriting which made you hear his voice, almost as if he was still there.

Romantic Gesture #2: He Cooks You a Meal

Romantic meal that withstands the test of time
Romantic gesture – he cooks you a meal.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

There’s always been a link between food and romance. When dating, you usually go out for a meal together. Food serves as a backdrop to many relationships. How many people remember the first meal they ate together in the early stages of their romantic relationship? Food serves as a memory of love. It also provides sustenance for you and your relationship. A friend of mine cooked dinner for his partner on her birthday. He’s said that she appreciated that gesture more than his gift.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to appreciate the romantic gesture behind a cooked meal. Preparing a meal involves thought and planning. Even if your partner or date is a lousy cook, the fact is that he’s spent time and effort making your food. It’s the thought that counts and which makes you feel special. And what better romantic gesture is there than knowing you were in someone’s thoughts. 

Today, it is common for partners to share household chores. Yet, cooking remains the primary duty of women in many households. Therefore, your partner’s seemingly spontaneously cooked meal is a romantic gesture that can build goodwill in a relationship. This romantic gesture stands the test of time because food cooked with love always makes you feel special.

Romantic Gesture #3: He Supports You and Always Has Your Back

Romantic gesture – he supports you and always has your back.
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay.

Many people will argue that a partner’s support is a basic requirement of any relationship. However, it goes beyond that. Your partner needs to have your back at all times.

A man who never lets you down in front of others and who is always there when needed can be a rare commodity. It might seem a simple gesture, but it reflects the love and anchors a romantic relationship. I’ve seen relationships where a man will belittle his partner when in the company of others. To me, it is a symptom of a lack of love in the relationship.

In my 40s, I realize I’m looking for my ride-or-die. Someone who will have my back no matter how crazy I might seem to others. I find this romantic gesture to be the best precursor to any romantic relationship.

Romantic gestures serve as a reminder of your love and your relationship. The older you get, the more you realize that the most valuable romantic gestures are the ones that don’t cost a lot of money. What are your favorite romantic gestures?