A romantic relationship takes hard work and commitment to grow and thrive, but sometimes the work doesn’t pay off. A sign it’s time to end the romantic relationship can be easily miss. However, watching for these signs can show you when it might be time to end the relationship

Scissors cutting up a marriage certificate after noticing the signs it's time to end the relationship.
You may encounter a sign to end your romantic
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Sign #1 to End a Romantic Relationship: He Still Behaves as if He’s Single

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It’s a sign to end a relationship if he’s still behaving as if he’s single.
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A friend of mine was in a romantic relationship for seven years before getting married. Six months into the marriage, she would call me on Saturdays, and we’d have three-hour phone conversations. I was single, and the weekends were a killer for me because I was trying to complete my Masters’s thesis and catch up on household chores. After two months of this ritual, I asked her why she had so much free time on a Saturday. 

She shared with me that her husband usually spent Saturdays visiting his family and friends- without her. On Sundays, he attended church with his siblings even though his wife was a church-goer! Then he would have lunch with his family before coming home. Their romantic relationship barely survived the one-year mark before my friend saw the signs and decided to end it. The sign? The lack of commitment to spending time together!

Sign #2 to End a Romantic Relationship: His Dreams for the Future Supersede Your Dreams

Neon sign saying "it was all a dream" referring to the end of a relationship
If his dreams supersede your dreams, it could be a sign to end the romantic relationship
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Imagine if you had your own dreams before meeting Mr. Right. You have a terrific, well-paying job, and you want to settle down in a romantic relationship with a wonderful man and have a family. You’re not planning for a romantic relationship to end! That was my friend: a brilliant, attractive lawyer who met her Mr. Right and moved into his home after dating only three months.

Mr. Right had two children from two different women. His plan for the future didn’t include marriage or more children. My friend soon agreed that marriage was not for her, and she was okay with just being a stepmother in their relationship. Two years later, she realized that his dreams were never her dreams, and that was her sign- it was time to end the relationship. Ten years later, she is a happily married mother of two in a thriving romantic relationship with no end in sight.

Sign #3 to End a Romantic Relationship: His Family Becomes Your Only Family

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Distance from your family could be a sign it’s time to end a romantic relationship
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It’s great when you can integrate both your and your partner’s families into your romantic relationship. It’s not always possible, but my sister successfully achieved that. But what happens when your romantic partner other keeps you away from your family without you even realizing? One day you look around, and it’s only his family at the Christmas dinner table? Did you see the sign? Could it mean the end of your romantic relationship?

My friend, married for fifteen years, realized that her husband had limited her time with her parents during their romantic relationship. Meanwhile, his parents had been living with them for thirteen years! She hadn’t even noticed the sign! When the marriage fell apart, my friend felt ashamed to confide in her siblings about the end of her romantic relationship. 

Fortunately, her siblings loved her and supported her. Her husband moved out of their home while she was away on holiday with the children. Their once romantic relationship officially reached an end. The cherry on the top? He left his parents behind too!

Ending a romantic relationship can be traumatic, but it can also be liberating! The signs pointing to the end of a relationship are usually clear if you take a minute to step back and observe. The most important thing to remember us all things have their time and place. If a relationship isn’t right for you, it’s time to move on and find one that is.

Have you ever encountered a sign it was time to end a romantic relationship? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!