The COVID-19 pandemic caught some couples in an interesting place: just moved in. Now, you not only have to learn what it’s like to live with your partner but also what they’re like when in lockdown. It won’t be easy but you can still build your new relationship.

New relationships can get tricky in the lockdown
New relationships can get tricky in the lockdown
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Why the Lockdown Makes Things Different

When couples move in together, there’s always an adjustment period. You have to learn more about each other and your new relationship. It takes time to work out how to live well as a couple. This means compromising and sometimes learning coping strategies.

Lockdown is another matter. Even couples who have been living together for years are having trouble keeping a healthy relationship. Part of that is because they can’t get out for their fun activities anymore. If you want your new relationship to grow, you need to be prepared.

Talk about your relationship
Talk about your relationship
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1. Have Honest Conversations About Your Relationship

Talking about how the lockdown affects your new relationship is a great place to start. It might not be an easy conversation, but it’s what you need. Be honest about how your new situation will be affected by the lockdown.

This is a serious ‘getting to know you’ part of your relationship. Don’t be afraid to get into the habits and personality traits that can make things difficult.

2. Be Prepared for Relationship Conflict

Every relationship has conflicts. Living together under lockdown can make even the smallest argument worse. Since you know they’re coming, set your ground rules first. Make plans to fight fair and work things out. It might be helpful to choose some argument ‘safe words’. You can use them to take a break when things get too heated.

Talk about fighting fair in the lockdown
Talk about fighting fair in the lockdown
Image by Kristin Baldeschwiler from Pixabay

3. Find Ways to Make Space in the Lockdown

One of the things that long-lasting couples talk about is making sure each person in the relationship has their own space. This might be hard during a lockdown, but not impossible. Even if you can leave home, it doesn’t mean you can do the things you usually enjoy.

To deal with this in a new relationship, get creative. For example, giving your partner space could mean letting them have the room to themselves for a little while. Your partner needs space to be themselves and do what they enjoy.

The lockdown is hard for couples, especially those in a new relationship. If you’ve just moved in together, things can get hard for a bit. Don’t worry though, your relationship will grow during the lockdown.