Quarantine is stressful. If you’re looking for ways to spread love and positivity in a world going through a tough time, this article is for you.

You can help others feel love and positivity, even during quarantine.
You can help others feel love and positivity, even during quarantine.
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1. Social Media Is Our Quarantine Social Lives: Spread Love And Positivity Online

I love positive, cute animal posts. I wouldn't survive quarantine without them.
I love positive, cute animal posts. I wouldn’t survive quarantine without them.
Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

I don’t suggest you block out the news completely. Beyond a basic understanding of your rights and responsibilities, try to keep it positive on social media.

I noticed recently, that every time I open Twitter or Instagram, I’m overwhelmed by Covid-19 coverage. Constant death toll counts and comment wars only added to my anxiety. So I sought new accounts to follow whose content is intentionally positive and full of love (Try @minaa_b on Instagram and @pawsup on Instagram). Even though I still stay up to date with Covid-19 coverage, my feed has spots of love and positivity now. And I can share the materials I find, bringing positivity to the feed of all my followers at the same time!

2. Help Others During Quarantine: Spread Positivity By Loving Your Neighbor

Donating to organizations helping fight the virus is a way to spread positivity and love during quarantine.
Donating to organizations helping fight the virus is one way I love to spread positivity during quarantine. Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

I’ve saved a lot of money during quarantine without access to any of the leisure activities I would usually love to do. Some of this money went directly into a savings account. The rest has become weekly donations to several organizations working to make positive changes. There are organizations all over the world working to help people in need because of Covid-19 and its consequences.

Many of us can’t do anything to end the pandemic. I love that technology allows me to send money to the people who can make a positive impact in ways I can’t. Here’s a list of positive community-based organizations to support! I realize not everyone has dispensible income; keep reading for more ideas!

3. Find Creative Ways To Stay In Touch: Spread Love Through Maintaining Positive Relationships During Quarantine

Find creative ways to spread positivity to your loved ones during quarantine
Find creative ways to spread positivity to your loved ones during quarantine. Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

Spending time away from our loved ones is hard. There’s not much to report on the weekly video chat anymore with so little going on socially. There are other ways you can spread positivity to your loved ones, without spreading the virus.

Do you love cooking and have resources to share? Make a meal for a neighbor, or loved one, out of income and leave it on their porch. The elderly are particularly in need of love during this time. Devote a weekly quarantine date to reading or doing crossword puzzles over video chat with your grandparents. Or your friend’s grandparents!

Or, if you have weekly video chats with your friends like I do, get creative. Do a quarantine workout program together over video chat. Read a book together and do a weekly quarantine book club instead.

Maintaining loving relationships during quarantine will be key to surviving it with our mental health intact. If you get creative, social distancing doesn’t have to stop you from having fun.