Staying at home doesn’t mean the romance in your relationship has to die! Here are 4 date night ideas to help your romance survive quarantine.

A man and woman watch Netflix from their home, a common way for couples to experience date night during quarantine.
Staying home during quarantine often leaves date night dominated by a screen. Credit:

Home Date Night 1: Friendly Competition

Have you ever heard the saying, “Those who play together, stay together?”

Research suggests it is good for couples to play games together. Games strengthen a relationship; they make people feel emotionally closer to each other.

Use games you already have lying around your home. Do you own board games or decks of cards? Or, if you have kids, grab one of their toys and think of a more grown-up game you can play using it. You will have fun just writing the rules together!

Want to get more creative? Use items you have at home to play “Minute to Win It” games that will have you laughing until your stomachs hurt (my favorite is Oreo Face).

Home Date Night 2: Draw Each Other

For an artsy date night, draw or paint portraits of each other at home!
For an artsy date night, use whatever supplies you have around your home to create portraits of each other. Photo credit: Peter Lindberg.

I originally got this idea from writer Jen Winston. Imagine a date night spent at home, staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

Couples can create versions of each other’s faces out of anything; a pen and scrap paper, sculptures built out of recyclables, scraps cut out of magazines, or any other supplies you can find lying around your home. Even if your picture doesn’t come close to looking like your partner, laughter is healthy in any relationship. And sometimes, the more ridiculous your pictures are, the more fun it is.

For an extra step, keep your pictures secret until you’re both done. Then share your work with each other with a big reveal at the end!

Home Date Night 3: Movie Night with a Twist

My husband and I often go to the theater for date night.

Although theaters are closed, we are lucky to live in a time with home access to movies because of streaming services.

During quarantine, screen time seems to be the most common way to cut the boredom. Make a movie date night stand out from any other regular night by using candles and romantic low lighting. Transform a space in your home to make it feel more special (for example: build a comfy blanket fort).

Home Date Night 4: Spa Treatments

Use refrigerated fruits like cucumbers to create home spa treatments for a fun, relaxing date night.
For a relaxing date night, make spa treatments with items in your home. Photo credit: Daniel Max

Not only is quarantine boring, it is also stressful!

COVID-19 has turned many of our lives upside down. Big changes like this cause stress. Stress can be bad for your health. Couples can help each other relax with at-home spa treatments.

There are many spa treatments calling for common items found in most homes including: massages, natural face masks, sugar scrubs, and hot towel treatments.