Guys can get behind romcoms too. Well, when they go short on the rom and expand on the com. Hey, that still counts. Here are 4 romcoms that guys will like and enjoy.

Photo that come be from a romcom that a guy would like.
Photo that could be from a romcom that a guy would like. Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay.

Romantic comedies, otherwise known as romcoms, are typically seen as being written by and for the female gender. They are funny, but they tug at the heartstrings. When suggested, most masculine people shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes.

I’m here to give you guys a way out of this mess and find a movie you will like. There are some actual romcoms that you might not think of when considering the genre with your significant other. Movies that won’t make you fall asleep or vomit inside your mouth but like. Without further ado, here are the 4 romcoms you guys will like and enjoy.

Where the Romcoms Come From

These romcom movies are all by Judd Apatow and his minions, The Apatow Crew. Guys will truly appreciate and like these movies. The Apatow Crew took the world by storm with their new flavor of romcoms that even guys can like and enjoy. In fact, when I was watching these movies, I honestly didn’t think I was watching a romcom. But there they are, all romantic and sweet. Total romcoms, but with an emphasis on the com.

Romcom The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

The first romcom that guys will like is about a forty-year-old man, who is still a virgin, lets the secret out to his work buddies. What are his buddies to do? Get the man laid. They teach them the ways of the player. The forty-year-old virgin meets the love of his life. His friends just want to get him laid. He has conflicting advice inside his head as he looks to date this woman. What could go wrong? All guys will like this movie.

Romcom Knocked Up (2007)

The second romcom that guys will like is about a man who is looking to score for the first time in a long time, and a woman who is looking for Mr. Right. They meet by happenchance, one thing leads to another, and a one-night stand ensues. These two couldn’t differ more from each other. But eight weeks after their chance encounter, they find out they’re now attached for the rest of their lives. What could go wrong? Guys, you will like this romcom.

Romcom Superbad (2007)

The third romcom guys will like is about an adolescent boy wants to get laid before he graduates high school and enters college. He has his eyes on a school-aged hottie. He will walk over hot coals through a desert wasteland with no water, for the chance to bed this youthful beauty. To impress this lady, he offers to get to get her favorite alcohol to enjoy at the evening’s party. He tries to get his friend with a fake ID to get the booze. It doesn’t work, but the boy is hellbent on making it happen. What could go wrong? Every guy will like this romcom.

Romcom Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

The fourth and final romcom that guys will like is about a man who was just dumped by his TV star girlfriend, so he goes on a vacation to Hawaii to forget about his problems. To his dismay, his ex-girlfriend winds up at the same hotel with her superstar boyfriend. They run into each other and the superstar boyfriend takes a liking to the man. They hang out together. What could go wrong? This is definitely a romcom that guys will like.