You love your partner, but that doesn’t mean you always get along. With the COVID-19 restrictions in place, your relationship may be feeling tested. Here’s how you and your partner can flourish even in this pandemic.

Partners need to get along during the COVID-19 lockdown
Partners need to get along during the COVID-19 lockdown.
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1. Take a Look at Yourself

Before you launch into all the reasons you can’t get along with your partner, look at yourself. Depending on your COVID-19 lockdown, you might be home all day or just longer than usual. What are some of your traits or habits that might make you hard to get along with right now?

This calls for some serious self-reflection. Pay attention to anything your partner has pointed out in the past. You’ll need to find ways to temper those habits while dealing with COVID-19. Getting along doesn’t mean you no longer have a say. You just have to find other ways that don’t bother your partner as much.

Getting along starts with taking a look at yourself
Getting along starts with taking a look at yourself.
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2. Be Honest About What You Need to Get Along

It’s important to communicate with your partner. Once you know what your habits are, you’ll also know what you need. Don’t assume your partner knows what your needs are. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. The key to getting along during the COVID-19 lockdown is open communication.

Don’t be afraid to let your partner know you’re aware of what bothers them. Tell them you’re working on it, but also point out the ones you might not be able to stop. You should also ask for your partner’s support if you need it. Getting along is not a one-person effort.

COVID-19 doesn't have to stop date night
COVID-19 doesn’t have to stop date night.
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3. Ask About Their Needs

When you’re talking with your partner, encourage 2-way communication. Tell your partner you want to know about their needs too. This will be a good time to talk about their habits. Since there are some habits you can’t get rid of, give them the same chance. The aim is to get along, not be right.

At this step, be prepared to compromise with your partner. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from COVID-19, it’s the need to strike a balance.

4. Plan a COVID-19 Get Away…Sort Of

Getting away with your partner is not as impossible as it seems. Since you can’t go out the way you’re used to, thanks to COVID-19, plan a fun date night instead. With some creativity, you’ll change your mindset. You’ll both get the break you need to get along every day. Who knows? When COVID-19 is over, your relationship may be stronger than ever.

You probably never thought there would be a time when you’d spend this much time with your partner. Fortunately, with the right moves, you can get along just fine through COVID-19.