A relationship is successful when both partners are happy. A way to do this is to always meet on middle ground when you have different approaches or opinions on things. When getting back with your ex, you will need to compromise on things you did not agree on in the past, so considering them first is key.

Woman hugging her ex, showing compromise when getting him back
Relationship compromise to get the ex back.
Credit: Flora Westbrook

Getting back with an ex can be a good thing because you get to skip the getting-to-know-you process. Also, being in a previous relationship with them means they already know a lot about you. However, all the benefits of being with an ex do not get rid of the issues you had in your previous relationship.

Before you ended things, you and your ex had some problems. The way to make it work after a second chance is through compromise. People often confuse compromise with sacrifice. Comprising things in a relationship does not mean sacrificing your core values, needs, and beliefs. It means you and your ex need to meet at a middle-ground for the relationship to work.

Relationship Compromise 1: Love Language

To get back with your ex, you need to understand their love language. Love language affects how you communicate, both verbally and nonverbally, and is key to healthy communication in a relationship. You should not compromise how you what to be loved, but you should also take into consideration how your partner wants to be loved. 

For the relationship to work a second time, your partner needs to feel loved as much as you need to feel loved. That means opening up communication with them and learning how they want to be loved. It could be through words of confirmation, kind gestures, or gifts.

Relationship Compromise 2: Physical Connection

Some people feel love through a physical connection. You need to understand the depth of your partner’s need for physical connection. Some people are more physical than others, so if you and your ex had different physical needs in the past, you will need a healthy compromise to make a new relationship work.

Before getting back with your ex, you and your ex need to consider a compromise for physical connection. This is something you should discuss before starting a relationship again because it is an important part of keeping the chemistry alive.

Relationship Compromise 3: Money Talk

Finances can be a source of major conflict in any relationship. If finances were one of the reasons your relationship did not work the first time, you will need to find a way to compromise on finances before you get back with your ex.

As a couple, did you have different spending habits? If you did, you both must find a middle ground when it comes to a budget. If one person has to reduce the way they spend, then that means work towards doing so before getting back with your ex.

Relationship Compromise 4: Trust Issues

I do not think trust issues can be resolved a second time. If you believe this is a hurdle you can cross, then you must work on it before you decide to get back with your ex.

Making a compromise here means you will give your ex the benefit of doubt in situations you otherwise might not. You will need to learn to trust them again and regain their trust in you. Trust is important, so before starting a relationship with your ex, be sure this is a compromise you are willing and able to make.

Relationship Compromise 5: Making Time For Each Other

Chances are, you are both busy people. Was finding time for each other one of the reasons you broke up in the first place? Before getting back together, you and your ex need to think about how much of each other’s time you will need to be happy.

For a new relationship to work, you need to compromise working hours to make time for each other. I believe that if someone truly cares for you, they make time for you. So this should be an easy compromise if you and your ex do really care for one another.

It is important to make compromises for a relationship to work because no two people are the same. You will disagree at some point and compromise will be needed to keep the relationship together. If you and your ex are able to find a middle ground, restarting your relationship is possible, but it will take time and patience. Have you ever gotten back with your ex? How did it work out? Let us know in the comments below.