I love K-dramas. I find them refreshing, especially because it explores the Korean culture. K-dramas are full of cheesy moments and silly gestures that make them perfect for a relaxing date night.

Date Night K-drama.
Date Night K-drama.

K-dramas are interesting to watch and perfect for date nights. Koreans have cornered the romantic drama aspect in the movie scene. So if you are thinking of a way to spice up your date night, starting a romantic K-drama is a way to go.

I have a list of some of the best k-dramas to watch on date nights. They are all series, and you could make it a weekly date night adventure for you and your partner.

1) Romantic K-drama For Movie Date Night: Crash Landing On You (2019).

This romantic K-drama is the love story of a South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri and a North Korean soldier Ri Jeong-hyeok. After a paragliding accident, Se-ri crash lands in North Korea where she is found by Ri Jeong-hyeok. He takes her home to keep her safe from the North Korean military. The K-drama story follows how they try to get Se-ri back home.

Crash Landing On You is a series perfect for date night because it explores the differences between people and relationships. Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok are from different societies, yet they still love and respect each other. This K-drama also shows that boundaries can be broken if you love each other.

Date Night K-drama.

2) Romantic K-drama For Movie Date Night: My Love From Another Star (2013).

My Love From Another Star is a romantic K-drama about the love between an alien and a famous actress. Do Min-joon is an alien stuck on earth after an expedition in the Joseon Era. Cheon Song-yi is a popular actress. Min-joon and Song-yi fall for each other when she moves into his apartment building.

This K-drama is perfect for a date night because it is a sweet, relaxing love story filled with comedy. You will laugh so hard with your partner watching this K-drama as it explores what happens when two different people fall for each other.

Date Night K-drama.

3) Romantic K-drama For Movie Date Night: While You Were Sleeping (2017).

While You Were Sleeping is a suspense and action K-drama sprinkled with bits of romance. This story is about Nam Hong-joo who has the ability to see peopleโ€™s deaths in her dreams. She meets a prosecutor Jung Jae-chan. He helps her try to save people from dying.

This is a date night pick because of how Nam Hong-joo and Jung Jae-chan developed feelings for each other. Plus, it has enough action to keep you entertained. It is a feel good movie for you and your partner to spend quality time together on a date at home.

Date Night K-drama.

4) Romantic K-drama For Movie Date Night: Marriage, Not Dating (2014).

Marriage, Not Dating is one of the best romantic K-dramas to start for a date night. The story centres around a wealthy plastic surgeon who does not believe in marriage, but his family wants him to get married. To put an end to the incessant pressure from his family, he decides to fake a relationship with a woman he knows they won’t approve of. His plan backfires when they inevitably fall in love.

This series is not going to teach you anything about sustaining a relationship. If you and your partner are people who enjoy family drama and a good laugh, this K-drama is the perfect date night movie for you.

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Marriage Without Dating (2014) ๐ŸŒผ16 Episode ๐ŸŒผCast : Han Groo, Yeon Woo Jin, Jeong Jinwoon ๐ŸŒผGenre : Romance, Comedy ๐ŸŒผSinopsis : Drama ini menceritakan tentang seorang gadis Joo Jang Mi yang tidak ingin hidup sendiri dan memaksa pacarnya untuk menikahinya sampai sampai ia pun akhirnya melamar pacarnya terlebih dahulu. Namun ternyata sang pacar Hoon Dong tidak ingin menikahinya dan meminta bantuan sahabatnya yaitu Gong Ki Tae agar merusak rencana lamaran Jang Mi. Gi Tae adalah seorang dokter yang ingin hidup sendiri selamanya dan tidak ada keinginan sama sekali untuk menikah. Berbeda dengan ibunya yang memaksa Gi Tae untuk menikah agar cepat mempunyai keturunan. Akhirnya Gi Tae pun memutuskan untuk memanfaatkan Jang Mi. Jang Mi yang kala itu sedang sakit hati menerima tawaran Gi Tae untuk menjadi pacar pura-pura di depan keluarga Gi Tae. Sebagai imbalannya Gi Tae akan membantu Jang Mi untuk balas dendam ke Hoon Dong. . ๐ŸพMY RATING : 9/10๐Ÿพ Drama ini ceritanya lucu banget dan ringan. Bener bener se lucu itu sangking lucunya sampe detik ini aku kalo inget adegan di drama ini masih suka ketawa sendiri. Aku suka semua karakternya yang chemistrynya pas. Sangking sukanya pas ending aku ngerasa sedih karena kita dibuat jadi susah move on sama drama ini. Genrenya romance tapi bukan romance yang lebay gitu bener bener lebih ke yang ringan dan lebih banyak comedy nya #koreandrama #kdrama #kdramareview #marriagenotdating #romancedrama #comedydrama

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Date Night K-drama.

5) Romantic K-drama For Movie Date Night: Whatโ€™s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018).

Whatโ€™s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a K-drama about businessman Lee Young-joon and his competent secretary, Kim Mi-so. Mi-so decides to quit her demanding job to focus on herself, but Young-joon won’t let her go. This K-drama is a light-hearted romance, perfect for a date-night in.

It is a perfect romance drama for a date night because of how it explores the importance of people in our lives. Because Young-joon is competent, he doesnโ€™t believe he needs people. It’s only when Mi-so decides to leave that he began to understand her value in his life. He also started to recognize how he feels bout her. We sometimes forget how important our partners are to us because they are always in our corner. This K-drama is a good reminder not to take people for granted.

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Date Night K-drama.

Watching romantic K-dramas is a great way to create fun bonding time with your partner. Whether you’re into action, a little sci-fi, or just straight romance, K-dramas are perfect for a date night in. Have you seen any of these shows? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!