Couples are spending more time than usual with their partners in lockdown and this has led to many truths being revealed about their relationships.

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Relationship truths revealed during lockdown.
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We will remember the year 2020 as the year the world went into reset mode. COVID-19 has decimated economies. It has separated families and taken countless lives. Many countries implemented strict lockdown regulations that kept people in their homes. For many couples who quarantined together, the lockdown was a blessing or a curse. Apart from increases in domestic violence and abuse cases, the lockdown also lifted the veil on love relationships.

When lockdown conditions eased, some couples called it quits on their relationship. Celebrity couples such as Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock ended their marriages after lockdown. In many relationships, financial and emotional stress amplified already-present relationship concerns. As a result, some marriages and partnerships did not survive. The lockdown has revealed many relationship truths because of forced proximity.

Relationship Truth #1: He’s Cheating on You or Cheated on You

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Relationship truth – he’s cheated on you.
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There have been many admissions of cheating made during the quarantine. Some people have buckled under the strain of maintaining another relationship while hunkered down with their primary partner.

If you already suspected your partner of cheating, their actions during lockdown might have cemented that suspicion. Women caught their partners in a secret rendezvous with other lovers. They’d left home on the pretense of having to go to work.

Some women found the admission of past cheating by their partners, devastating. This was especially true if they had never suspected that about their relationship. Such truths have proven difficult to bear. It may lead to the future dissolution of many relationships.

Relationship Truth #2: He Thinks Your Job Is Not as Important as His

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Relationship truth – he thinks his job is more important.
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The pandemic resulted in many job losses. If you and your partner were fortunate to have jobs still, you probably had to work from home during the lockdown. In addition, people had to do household chores and take care of their children. Homeschooling contributed to an increase in relationship stress. If you saw that you carried more than your fair share of the household duties, it may have led to a few truths.

Imagine an engaged couple living together for the first time during the lockdown. The woman, an artistic director, doesn’t understand why she’s the one doing all the cooking. A tense discussion reveals a sad truth about her relationship: her fiancé, a financial advisor, believes his work is more demanding than hers! His condescending manner puts an end to their relationship after lockdown eased.

Relationship Truth #3: Lockdown Saved Your Relationship

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Relationship truth – lockdown saved your relationship.
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Lockdown has saved a marriage or two! Some couples, who were on the verge of calling it quits and had divorce papers drawn up, found that lockdown forced them to face a few relationship truths. They discovered that they had stopped communicating with each other. They had checked out of their relationship without trying.

Lockdown enabled couples to rediscover and redefine their relationships. By communicating daily, they might have discovered how lucky they were to have each other. They might not have resolved all their issues, but it definitely provided them with the will to work harder on their relationship. They faced the truth that relationships take work and effort to thrive.

Relationship Truth #4: He’s Just Not That Into You

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Greg Behrendt, He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

The lockdown might have been the best time to face this harsh relationship truth. If you’re hunkering down with your partner, you might see things clearer now. The lockdown has given you time to dwell. You might accept the truth. You have been trying to rationalize his behavior to fit your own narrative.

The lockdown has shone a spotlight on relationships. Sometimes it leads to the truth that your partner views your relationship as a halfway stop. He’s only with you until something better comes along. He’s neither in nor committed to the relationship. Relationships will end on the discovery of this truth.

Relationship Truth #5: You Have a Strong Relationship

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Relationship truth – you have a strong relationship.
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Despite the emotional anxiety that lockdown created, some couples thrived. You might have seen your relationship grow stronger during the lockdown. You now know that your relationship can survive great turmoil. You’ve spent a vast amount of time in the same space. You’ve shared household chores. You’ve cared for your children if you have any, and you’ve kept up with work. If you still enjoy each other’s company, then your relationship is strong.

We underrate relationship resilience. Couples who have been in lockdown together have needed to collaborate and make hard decisions daily. This has been in the absence of a support structure of extended family and friends. They’ve had to be each other’s emotional support system. If you’ve emerged from lockdown, knowing that your partner has your back, then your relationship can grow from strength to strength.

During the lockdown, many couples reflected on their relationship. Confined spaces, sometimes limited intimacy and emotional and financial-stress, take a toll, revealing relationship truths. Not all marriages survived. Rising divorce rates, post lockdown, could have directly resulted from these relationship truths.