Getting back with your ex means starting from scratch with someone who already knows you better than most. Second first-dates are a great example of how doing too much, or too little, can make for an awkward situation. 

Couple roasting at a second first-date spot
Second-First Date Spots To Talk About Your Relationship With Your Ex
Credit: Helena Lopes

What Are the best spots for a second first-date? You’re trying to start over, so don’t want to try too hard, or go to a spot that you used to go to all the time. You also don’t want to make it too romantic. So what spots can you go on a second first-date?

The best spot for a second first-date is casual. A spot that says, “I need you to know I care, but if you want to just stay friends, that is fine too.”

1) Second First-Date Spot: Coffee Shop.

A coffee shop is the perfect casual spot for a second first-date. It does not scream romantic. Instead, it says, “I need to have a conversation with you while we hang out and have a snack.”

A coffee shop gives you a quiet spot to talk about your relationship. It is also a place where you cannot scream at each other because you are in public. Your second first-date should be about trying to make things better with your ex, and a coffee shop is the perfect spot to do just that.

2)  Second First-Date Spot: Ice-Cream Parlor

Just like a coffee shop, an ice-cream parlor is a perfect spot for a second first-date. It gives you and your ex a spot to chat about what went wrong in your relationship, and how you can solve it.

Besides, ice-cream puts people in a good mood, so you just might be able to win your way back into your ex’s life with a cup of yummy goodness. An ice-cream parlor is a chill place for a second first-date. It is not too fancy, but it gives a nice vibe for conversations.

 3) Second First-Date Spot: A Not-so-Fancy Restaurant

When I say not-so-fancy, I don’t mean terrible. Not one of those places where your seat is behind the restroom and the food gives you diarrhea. Spots for a second first-date should not scream, “I’m trying to woo you!” Rule out restaurants with five-course meals. Think casual.

You want a spot with a good meal and a quiet place to talk. There, you and your ex can talk about your relationship while you wait for your food. Restaurants are perfect for dates: be it a first date or a second first-date.

4) Second First-Date Spot: A Culture Center

This second first-date spot is great if your ex is artistic, or someone who likes good music and creativity. Going to a culture center for second first-date not only gives you a quiet place to talk, but also a place where your ex is relaxed and happy. This could be an art gallery, a museum, or anything else creative that he/she is into.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m around art, books, and good music, you can talk me into anything. So culture centers are perfect second first-date spots for exes who love the artsy side of life.

5)  Second First-Date Spot: Karaoke Bar

You’ve known your ex is someone for a while, so you know what they like and dislike. If he/she is extroverted and loves to blow off steam while having a good time, a karaoke bar is a perfect spot for a second first-date.

A karaoke bar is perfect because you get to talk, have fun, and remind them of all the fun you used to have together. This is also a great second first-date spot if your ex works long hours. Singing out of tune at the top of his/her lungs is a perfect activity when he/she needs a place to blow off steam and relax.

These second first-date spots may not apply to everybody, but if you are serious about discussing your relationship issues rather than wooing your ex back into your life, these spots might just be the place to talk. You can always pull out a romantic bang for your second date.

Do you have any thoughts for a second first-date or date spots of your own? Share it in the comments below! And be sure to stop back in to Love Aroono for all of your love and dating needs!