Whether it is sexual, friendship, or family, creating emotional intimacy with the person you love is a result of implicit trust.

Love connection which includes trust and honesty
Love Connection
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The increasing number of divorces and breakups is alarming. To make it worse, many people on the planet have faced the wrath of betrayal. It’s no wonder many people see being single as the answer.

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

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But what does psychology say about trust? Are there principles o that people can rely on for a fruitful relationship? This article gives an in-depth insight into these questions and provides you with the right answers based on scientific studies and psychological records.

Support Your Partner’s Goals and Aspirations

Graphic of hands shaking to show collaborate and cooperate with your partner for solid trust.
Cooperation is the key essence of mutual trust.
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The first catalyst of trust is supporting your partner’s dreams and goals. Stop fighting each other when an opportunity arises. Tell your partner that it is possible to do the impossible and be there for them when they think they don’t need your help. By lending moral support to your partner, you create an invisible bond that will stand in the storm.

Wisdom is when you understand that love doesn’t rotate around the phrase, “I love you.” Being a business advisor to the person you love doesn’t hurt that much. Sometimes it takes an element of courage to speak about the failures of your partner. In this sense, your soulmate will have confidence in you and pour out their hearts when things aren’t working on their side.

Make Respect the First Rule

Picture of hands shaking showing that respect is a great
Respect is a great aspect of the love and trust triangle.
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One of the most significant aspects of trust is respect, yet it can damage us. Belittling your partner and making them feel less is the negative definition of respect. If you think of connection as the basic denominator of a relationship, you are on the right track.

It is so unfortunate that when we are emotionally intertwined with somebody, we tend to show them the negative part. This way, we are damaging their trust and make them feel vulnerable when they are with us. Form a lifetime connection with those you love by treating them with dignity and humanity.

Express Your Feelings When Things Are Not Working

Road sign with the words "trust" and "fear" representing not fear to trust those you love.
Don’t fear to trust your partner. Give a benefit of the doubt.
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Knowing how to create emotional intimacy is a virtue that many lack, especially when things are severe. Some of us are too self-centered to tell our partners that we aren’t ready to lose them. Emotional intimacy comes from discovering that the person you love still cares about you when everything seems to collapse.

Expressing your emotions and feelings functionally during rough days is indispensable for a working relationship. Let your partner give out their view in clarity without shutting them down. Maturity is when you stop focusing on things that break you but the elements that bring a conducive environment for a perfect union.

Be Honest

Picture of two people holding hands
Couples holding hands as a sign of honesty and trust.
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Mistrust and dishonesty can have consequences detrimental to a relationship. Trust is hard to build and very easy to tear apart. Nothing sums this up better than this:

I’m not upset that you lied to me; I’m upset that I can’t believe you from now on.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Being honest with petty issues isn’t talent; it’s a character trait. It would help if you strived to speak the truth, regardless of the outcome. Honesty is a virtue that brings trust to a dying relationship. Remember, the world is made of faith, morality, and dust.

Stop Promoting Yourself

Picture of hands holding to show trust
You can only build a friendship from love and trust.
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Stop telling your partner and friends to trust you. Self-promotion in marriage and relationships is a cheap thing to do. Learn to be a doer and not a show. Give your partner time to recognize your actions and appreciate them. Let them see the trust without you uttering a single word.

A relationship is like a football match where every player does their best to achieve results. You should be seeking results from a comprehensive contact. Trust is teamwork and not one man’s show. If the other partner doesn’t appreciate your efforts, then they are selfish. The greatest weapon against trust is selfishness.

Trust is an excellent component of emotional intimacy, health, and psychological rest. Always say what you mean and mean what you say. In this way, you will be developing trust with your lovemate. Be like a young child who understands nothing but tells the truth.

Don’t demean your partner to friends but focus on understanding the fundamental values that make you a whole. I summarize by quoting Maya Angelou, who says, “I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.” Please comment below if you found this article resourceful.