The divorce rate is rising each year. This is mainly due to people being more aware of their rights than ever and not standing for abuse of any kind. Here are the top five reasons why a marriage might end in divorce.

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Top reasons for divorce
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Fighting with your partner is perfectly normal. But look at the reason why you are fighting. Is it a petty reason? Like leaving the toilet seat up? Or not taking the garbage out? That’s normal! But putting up with someone’s unfair pressure and cruelty, purely because you love them, is an act of injustice to yourself.

If you fight and start to notice you do not see your spouse’s belongings in your wardrobe anymore, that is a sign the conflict in your marriage might be escalating too quickly. If the intensity of your fights is increasing, then it might be time you both sit down and analyze the root problem.

Otherwise, one beautiful morning while having coffee at the table, you might suddenly notice the divorce papers waiting for you. Knowing, recognizing, and understanding the following top five reasons couples divorce can help keep you from asking yourself later what exactly went wrong in your marriage.

1. Money Issues are a Reason Marriage ends in Divorce

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Money is often a reason for divorce
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Many times, the final straw for a marriage heading toward divorce is financial incompatibility. At 22%, money issues rank third among Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) professionals for leading causes of divorce.

Problems primarily start with different spending habits and financial goals within the marriage, and often centers around one spouse making more than the other. Men’s stigmatized role as the providers in the marriage can result in insecurity if their wives earn more than them, hence the beginning of the fights.

As brand marketing director of SunTrust says, “Money has a significant impact on people’s lives, as it touches everything.” Money and stress tend to go hand-in-hand. The money issues cause stress, which breaks off communication, and poor communication leads to the loss of trust and often results in divorce.

The best way to deal with this issue is to create a budget first and follow it religiously, Be sure you are vocal about your financial interests. Eradicating money issues completely is not possible, but your marriage will have a better chance of survival if you face it honestly and as one unit.

2. Communication Issues are a Reason Marriage ends in Divorce

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Ineffective communication is a reason marriage can end in divorce
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It is important to have clear and effective communication in marriage. Not being able to communicate often leads to frustration and resentment on both sides, and it a leading reason many couples divorce.

It gravely affects all the characteristics of marriage. Always bawling at your spouse or making nasty comments are unhealthy forms of communication that you should remove from your marriage.

To save your marriage, be sure to practice mindful communication. Speak your heart and be more vocal with your spouse without having a fear of being judged. Allow them to do the same. Couples who communicate well are much more likely to work on problems in their marriage, rather than hurry straight to divorce. It is worth the effort which will help you save and enhance your marriage with your spouse.

3. Lack of Intimacy is a Reason Marriage ends in Divorce

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Lack of intimacy in marriage can be a reason for divorce
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Another reason marriage can end in divorce is the absence of intimacy. Newsweek magazine shows that almost 20% of marriages are sexless today! Even if a couple is no longer physical, intimacy should never evaporate from the marriage.

Sex is not the only way to be intimate in your marriage; there are still many other ways to adopt intimacy into your daily lives. Small acts like giving your spouse a goodbye kiss while leaving for work or backrubs after they come hime from a long day are excellent ways of showing you love them.

Being intimate in your marriage is an indication of a healthy marriage. Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, pay more attention by having frequent video calls. Ask them about their day, fix them a healthy meal, and provide your expert advice in the matters that are nagging her/ him.

4. Infidelity is a Reason Marriage ends in Divorce

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Infidelity is a reason for divorce
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Extramarital affairs and illicit relationships with someone else is a huge reason people are filing for divorce all over the world. Even if you manage to stay in your marriage for your kids’ sake, know that you are staying in a rocky marriage that could break at any moment.

According to a study, 22% of men have committed adultery, and 14% of married women have had an extramarital affair at least once in their lives. If you are the cheater, you will be guilty of cheating all your life. If you were the one cheated on, you will always doubt your husband’s whereabouts and motives.

Infidelity is a big reason marriages often end in divorce because trust is broken. A marriage cannot stay strong without trust, and so many couples opt for divorce and to start over with someone new.

5. Abuse is a Reason Marriage ends in Divorce

Beaten woman shows how abuse can be a reason marriage can end in divorce.
Physical, mental and sexual abuse is a reason a marriage can end in divorce
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Marriage is not easy but abuse should never be the answer. Mental, physical, and sexual abuse is an often-identified a reason for divorce today. Both men and women can lose control, and that loss of restraint in an emotionally charged environment can result in abuse.

The only way to deal with emotional, physical, or sexual abuse is to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist, especially if the abuser suffers from any mental issue that exacerbates the problem.

It is better to seek professional help than to try to manage on your own. If things do not get better, you need to think of your wellbeing first. No marriage is worth more than your mental and physical peace, so if you need to get out of a dangerous situation, divorce may be the answer.

Statistics today show people are less likely to tolerate unnecessary drama from anyone, even if it means cutting their spouse off completely. Divorce isn’t always the answer, but it is definitely a valid option. Why tolerate pointless fuss from someone and make your life hell when you can leave?

If you think you can fix things, then there is nothing better than that trying. Give 100% to your relationship, and do what you can to fix it. If things do not work out, do not beat yourself up. Divorce means getting a new opportunity to find what you’re looking for in a partner.

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