Falling in love with your best friend is something that happens a lot. Many people don’t know how to handle the situation. To some, it seems impossible, but this happens more often than you think.

Falling in love with your best friend.
Falling in love with your best friend.
Credit: Luis Quintero

Even with marriage, whoever you marry ends up becoming your best friend. Even if you didn’t start that way. So, falling in love with your best friend is very possible.

It happens slowly. You do everything together. They love the same things you love and hate what you hate, almost as if you speak the same language. I should know- I experienced this before and handled it the wrong way.

Here Is How To Handle Falling In Love With Your Best Friend.

1) Understand What Is At Stake In Your Friendship.

Know that the moment you confess your feelings to your best friend, things can either go wrong or well. Think about your feelings. Is it just a crush because you spend so much time together, or is it really love? Then, think about how you are with the person: are you better as friends or as a couple? Being a friend to someone totally differs from being a romantic partner.

2) Find Out if Your Best Friend Feels The Same Way.

This is difficult. You can never be sure how someone feels about you or what they think about you. It is even possible to read the signs wrong. But, you need to try to identify whatever they feel.

3) Let Your Best Friend Know How You Feel

This should be the third step, not the first or second. Keeping your feelings for your best friend a secret is not healthy. Your best friend is someone you see and talk to every day. Trying to hide your feelings from them is not healthy for you or your friendship.

4) Be Ready For Your Best Friend’s Decision

Before you confess your feelings, you need to be ready for whatever answer you get. The person might need time to consider what you say, or they could refuse you on the spot. The mature thing to do is to accept whatever decision they make. You cannot force people to feel the same way you do.

5) Find A Way To Move Forward With Your Friendship.

If your best friend accepts your feelings, that is great. If they don’t, you need to move on with your life. Find a healthy way to do this. If you realize that you cannot handle staying friends with them, take a break. Let them know why you are doing this.

6) If The Relationship Doesn’t Feel Right Don’t Do It

Like I said, being a friend to someone differs from dating them. So, if you think this person is only good as a friend, not as your partner, don’t do it. Forget everything I said above and find a way to move on with your feelings. I wish someone had told me this last part years ago.