I know what you’re thinking: what do I know about romance? Single people don’t have partners and relationships, sure, but we still know how to keep romance alive.

How to keep romance alive in a relationship.
How to keep the romance alive in a relationship.
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I tear up in romance movies and geek out when that couple I’ve been ‘shipping’ finally gets together. As a single lady, I have lists of romantic gestures I’d love to do for someone one day. Here are six of my ways you can keep romance alive with your partner.

Romance In Relationship 101: Love Letters

I love cheesy gestures like love letters and cute little notes. You can leave cute notes in your partner’s purse or wallet; they don’t even have to be long ones. It could just be five sentences that will put a smile on your lover’s face.

Romance In Relationship 102: Text Messages

My sister’s boyfriend sends text messages at different times throughout the day and I love the way she lights up whenever she gets them. You can also do this for your partner to put a smile on their face.

Romance In Relationship 103: Favorite Meal

I’m a foodie. Anyone that spoils me with good food has taken my heart. But your partner does not have to be a foodie for you to treat him or her to their favorite meal. They will love it.

Romance In Relationship 104: Show Interest In Them

Show interest in your partner’s job and the hobbies they love. Keep a running list of their favorite things. Knowing what they like lets them know that you care about every aspect of their life.

Romance In Relationship 105: Wear What They Love

If your partner’s favorite color is red, wear something red for date night. It doesn’t even have to be clothing. It could be your lipstick or your underwear. If your partner loves a particular scent, get it and put it on for them. It shows you cared enough to put in the effort.

Romance in Relationship 106: Surprise Them

A little surprise goes a long way in keeping romance alive in your relationship with your partner. It could be a surprise visit at work, a small gift, or something small you know they like.

Now that I have shared some of my romantic gesture ideas with you, I hope you try them out for yourself. Have your own ways? We’d love to hear them. Together, we can keep romance alive!