Keep the ties that bind strong, whether you’re separated from your parents or isolated at home with them. Show them you love them. Here’s how.

The lawn still needs mowing, even during coronavirus.
The lawn still needs moving even during a coronavirus lockdown.

Most of us truly love our parents. Sure, they drive us crazy sometimes. But let’s face it, we’ve spent a lifetime making them nuts, too, so who are we to complain?

During the coronavirus lockdown, our parents of any age need some TLC. There are any number of ways we can show them we love them, but here are a few I identified for starters.

Your handy-dandy coronavirus list starts here:

1. Mow the lawn, tend the garden, prune the bushes. Coronavirus be damned, the begonias need trimming!

Generally, do some landscaping for the ones you love. Your parents’ gardeners are probably long gone by now and the weeds are taking over like kudzu. Your parents will thank you for your coronavirus caretaking.

2. Fix a meal. People have to eat even with coronavirus knocking at the door.

If you’re at home with your parents, this one is pretty easy. Even if you live miles away, you can do this thanks to handy-dandy food delivery services. Make something special for them and let them know that coronavirus won’t stop them from eating out while eating in.

3. Call for no reason. Coronavirus hasn’t broken the microwave towers yet.

Do you have to have a reason to call your parents? Why not call them just to say you’re thinking of them? Tell them you care. Show them you care by hitting auto-dial on your cellphone.

Send a loving letter to your parents.
Send a loving letter to your parents during lockdown.

4. Write them a letter, a card, an email. Sure, the post office is slower during the epidemic, but coronavirus isn’t stopping them altogether.

Do not send a text. Don’t be lazy. Actually sit down and write something meaningful. Take the time to show your parents that coronavirus can’t really come between you and them.

5. Send pictures. Add to their memory albums. Your parents will be very glad to see your face.

Did you get a new outfit in the mail? Send your parents a picture. They love to have pictures of you. They’ll keep them in their phones or on their mantle for years to come.

Better yet, if you have kids and can’t visit, send grandkid pictures. Parents love having those even more than pictures of you as an adult. Sorry.

Give the gift of love to your parents.
Give the gift of love to your parents.

6. Remember Special Days. Even during lockdown, your parents have a life going on.

Are your parents celebrating their anniversary during the coronavirus lockdown? How about Mother’s Day—did you remember Mom this year? Father’s Day is fast approaching; don’t forget about Dad. And their birthdays deserve a card, a heartfelt letter, a delivered dinner, or some other loving gesture.

Your parents have put up with your shenanigans for your whole life. You have caused them worry, heartache, pain, and also great joy, pride, and love. Remember those things even during the coronavirus crisis. Wrap your love up with a bow. Share this list with your siblings, children, and cousins. You won’t regret it.