So there you were getting serious with someone and then the coronavirus pandemic happened. How do you keep the dating romance going when you’re both in lockdown? Read on to find out!

Dating is still possible during the lockdown
Dating is still possible during the lockdown
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1. Keep In Touch During The Lockdown

When you’re dating, it’s important to feel connected even if you can’t be physical. Communication can be through check-in text messages or voice notes. Video calling is great for romance but make sure to check if it’s a good time. While you’re waiting, a fun picture or two work well to kindle romance.

Depending on how long you’ve been dating, having small gifts delivered during the lockdown is a nice surprise. They can be fun or promise future plans for your romance.

2. Have Shared Dating Fun

Another way to keep the romance going is to complete shared activities. If you’re both book lovers, you can start a reading challenge. With so many e-books available, there’s no doubt you can find something that suits you both. Talking about your thoughts on the book can be a great way to build a conversation.

Online games that you can play with a partner also offer a nice relief during lockdown. The romance will follow when you’re both relaxed.

Go online to keep the romance alive during the lockdown
Go online to keep the romance alive during the lockdown
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3. Have Romantic Date Nights

Not being in the same building doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic date night. How about a cooking challenge? Whatever your skills are in the kitchen, you can both prepare a new meal and have fun describing the taste over video chat.

Not in the mood to cook? Have a meal you’ve always wanted to try delivered. After eating, chat some more or set up a Netflix watch party. You can have romance your way during the lockdown.

Plan romantic meals before and after the lockdown
Plan romantic meals before and after the lockdown
Photo courtesy of Terry Cnudde

4. Make Dating Plans For The Future

The good news is that the lockdown won’t last forever. The thought of being free to move around is enough to inspire romance. While you’re making the most of lockdown dating, stir things up with talks of the future.

As things start to open up, talk about the romantic dates you want to go on. Start small and then go as big as you want. Soon nothing will be standing in the way of dating and romance.