Love is complicated. At Aroono, we know this. So, in case you missed them, here are 4 of my favorite articles from last week, highlighting relationships.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

#1: Self Love: 3 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself by Renea Di Bella

Quote by: Renea Di Bella

I, for one, am horrible at loving myself. I see flaws and faults. I apologize a lot. Finding the power to love myself has been a constant process. This is why this article struck a chord for me.

Renea di Bella discusses self love in a practical, easy to understand format. It is easy to fall into the trap of comparison or self negativity. So, let’s all take these 3 tips to heart and truly love ourselves.

#2: 5 Important Tips for Managing Finance as a Couple by Simbiat Ayoola

Quote by Simbiat Ayoola

Finances. For many, this is the source of disagreements and struggles. Relationships are either strengthened or weakened when the money conversation arises. However, finances are essential to discuss. They are neccessary, though they can be uncomfortable. In her article, Simbiot Ayoola, gives us 5 tips for breaching the financial topic with our partner.

#3: 3 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Your Marriage During a Lockdown by Clarissa Wilson

Quote by Clarissa Wilson

Ever heard the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” In a lockdown, separation isn’t possible. So, what do we do? How can we strengthen our marriages? I definitely want to improve my relationship with my husband while we are stuck in quarantine. In her article, Clarissa Wilson gives us 3 ways to improve marriages(even in a lockdown).

#4: 4 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work by Pritika Shrestha

Quote by Pritika Shrestha

In today’s world, long distance relationships are becoming more common! Though many can make it work, I would struggle. In fact, I find it challenging with a long distance friendship. I can only imagine a long distance romantic relationship.

In her article, Pritika Shrestha gives us 4 ways to make our relationships work. To make things even better, they can be applied to any long distance relationship-romantic, familial, or friendships!