Here at Love Aroono, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best of the best in love and relationships. In case you missed it, here are three of last week’s editor’s choice articles.

1. 3 Self-Care Rituals To Help You Cope With A Breakup by Renea Di Bella

Going through a breakup is a rite of passage in today’s world and it can feel as if you’re going through it alone.

In her article, Renea highlights the importance of honing your focus inward and taking care of yourself. Her advice is honest and straightforward with one powerful underlying current: be kind to yourself.

2. 6 Tips When Falling In Love With Your Best Friend by  Simbiat Ayoola

Successfully married couples all claim the same reason for their success: they married their best friend. However, falling for your best friend isn’t as clear-cut romantic as wedding vows make it seem, and going about it the wrong way could very well cost you the friendship you value so deeply.

In her article, Simbiat gives us first-hand advice to help us wade through this complex and tricky situation. Friendship can be powerful and should always be cherished and respected.

3. 3 Ways To Spread Love And Positivity In Quarantine by Renea Di Bella

Quarantine is an idea straight from movies and history books, not one we were expecting or prepared for in real life. The fear of disease can cause suspicion toward our neighbors and promote feelings of isolation.

Renea wants us to remember that is not who we are. In her article, she gives three great examples of how we can spread love in our socially-distanced world. How do you spread love in positivity in yours? Let us know in the comments section!

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