This time in the love 2.0 stories series, it is time for YouTubers. These are the stories from 3 YouTubers who met their partners online.

Love 2.0 Stories: 3 Youtubers Who Met Their Partners Online.
Love 2.0 Stories: 3 Youtubers Who Met Their Partners Online.
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Love 2.0, or online love, is the biggest example of the fact that love has no barriers. Love 2.0 is something that has become increasingly common over the years and is a whole new way to see love. Through online love platforms, thousands of people have been able to find their ideal partners. 

The love 2.0 series has the purpose of sharing with you relevant topics from the online love world. In past articles, we shared tips for dating safely online and the most popular apps for dating online. But now, we are following and sharing online love stories. In a past article, we shared celebrities who met their partners online. Well, this time, we will share online love stories from YouTubers!

If there is something we love about YouTubers is that they always create innovative content. YouTubers are the most influential modern entertainers because watching Youtubers are like watching a friend telling us a story. Thousands of YouTubers use the storytelling format, and storytelling is the best way to share love stories.

These are three of the most popular YouTubers for an adult audience. These three women took some time to share their online dating experiences through storytelling videos. These top 3 were chosen based on positive experiences and healthy online love stories. So here are three YouTubers who met their partners online!

Jesss Met Her Partner Online

Jesss, a Youtuber Who Met Her Partner Online.
Jesss, a Youtuber Who Met Her Partner Online.

Jess is a mom YouTuber. She started her main YouTube channel in 2009 with the name JesssFam. On her YouTube channel, she started sharing her young-mom life, that is how she became a lifestyle vlogger YouTuber. Now, her main YouTube channel has over 1.09 million subscribers and over 403million views. Through her channel, the YouTuber has shared all her relationships and love and break up stories.

In 2014, the YouTuber mom of four children from past relationships met her actual husband, Chris, who had two kids from past relationships. In 2015, Jesss and Chris got married, and they became a big YouTuber family of nine members. Even when Jesss never actually shared her love story with Chriss, the couple addressed in many opportunities they met online.

But recently, through the YouTuber’s new personal channel, the couple sat down and shared their online love story. Jesss and Chris met online at the only online love service they have used. The couple of YouTubers met on the online platform Plenty of Fish. By the time their online love story started, Jesss started dating online because her friends encouraged her. At that time, the YouTuber was a single mom of four and she just wanted to open up and try to find out if something could happen.

Now, the YouTuber has five years married to Chris and they have a beautiful family of seven kids. So this is a positive online love story of commitment and the built of a relationship that started online.

Melissa Met Her Partner Online

Melissa, a Youtuber Who Met Her Partner Online
Melissa, a Youtuber Who Met Her Partner Online.

Melissa is not only a YouTuber but an entrepreneur as well!. She is the founder of one of Toronto’s most popular cleaning services and started her YouTube channel Clean My Space in 2008. There, she focused on sharing content about cleaning faster, better, and DIY. YouTuber’s main channel has over 1.54 million subscribers and over 209 million views.

Through a story-time video on her personal channel, the YouTuber shared her online love story. Melissa met her husband in 2006 on an online dating site. The YouTuber met Chad, her husband in the online dating site Plenty of Fish. Melissa explains that when their love story started, online dating was almost a taboo, and she was scared of doing it. The YouTuber also shared that she was single for almost all her university life!

 After many bad experiences, bad dates, and online dramas. The YouTuber finally scrolled until she finally found the love of her life, Chad. Now, after 14 years, the couple grew up together, and have a solid marriage. All from a love story, a love story that started online!

J Lou Met Her Partner Online

J Lou, a Youtuber Who Met Her Partner Online
J Lou, a Youtuber Who Met Her Partner Online.

J Lou is a YouTuber that actually started as a Facebook personality and comedian. She started her YouTube channel in 2016 after she amassed her over 170k community on Facebook. The Youtuber has now over 316k subscribers and over 26 million views. This YouTuber is a Chinese lifestyle blogger, but she often does story-time videos and challenges.

The YouTuber also speaks five languages and lives now in Hong Kong, where she was born and raised. In 2017 she shared in a video that she and her boyfriend met on Tinder two years earlier when they both downloaded the online dating app to find someone online. This YouTuber and her boyfriend have been together for five years. They live and even travel together!

So there it is, three YouTubers who met their partners online with love stories that work out! These three YouTubers shared their experiences with online dating and their love stories and are examples of online love stories. Be sure to stay tuned to Love Aroono for more love 2.0 stories!