Every human interaction can get tricky. Dating online is not an exception. It is time to talk about its dark side. Here are reasons why dating online can get tricky.

Love 2.0 Series: Reasons Why Online Dating can get tricky.
Love 2.0 Series: Reasons Why Online Dating can get tricky
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Relationships aren’t anything easy. As in any human interaction. Some aspects and phenomenons can affect a relationship. Let’s start pointing out that a relationship is the collision of two different worlds, and as each one of us is a different world, that collision can get tricky. Dating is the relationship that perfectly portraits that because dating implies that collision since the very beginning. But that is also one of the best parts of dating, the part of getting to know each other.

Online Dating

Every kind or method for dating can get tricky, not just dating online.
Every kind or method for dating can get tricky, not just dating online
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The truth is that dating has always been a human concern. We all want to find love. But do any of us know how or where it is? That is why dating has been changing over time. Because there is not a generic way to find love and either for dating, and that can be applied by all of us. So, people have many ways to search for love nowadays. And since we are in a digital and online era. It is reasonable that love and dating turned online over the last decades.

But it is completely true; there are many pros and cons to dating online. In the past few articles, we focused on the bright side of dating online. We shared the best apps for online dating and tricks for dating online safely. But there is no light without darkness. For that reason, it is time to focus on the not so positive side of love 2.0. Because there are dating online fails, and that could happen to any of us.

But along with that, dating online has some specific reasons to get tricky. Most of the reasons are inherent to its nature. That means some characteristics of dating online are also the base for irregularities. And those characteristics are things many of us can’t manage. Because in dating online, the tools’ benefits will depend on the person who uses them. So, here are some reasons why dating online gets tricky:

Dating Online Can Get Tricky Because of Fakers and Liars

It is common to find fakers and liars while dating online, so beware of that.
It is common to find fakers and liars while dating online, so beware of that

This is something that can be present on the regular dating methods too, but in dating online, it’s more common. Many people think that faking or lying about themselves or their situation can give them success in dating. That is completely untrue and a huge mistake because you can’t create a relationship based on lies. And if you do it, the other person is not dating you; they’re dating the pretend version you created.

In online dating, fakers or liars are more common because, at first, there is no physical interaction. That allows people to create lies and other versions of themselves. No matter the intentions that sustain the lies. But the truth is that we don’t know the person’s intentions. That is the reason why we need to be careful and beware of fakers when we are dating online. And there are many ways to catch liars and fakers online.

For that reason, one of the keys to safely dating online is to stay objective and beware of everything. Always try to contrast all information the person you are dating online has told you. Also, try to search for the person’s profiles online; social media are great tools for that. While dating online, take your time for actually getting to know the person, go slower than you would usually do. And think about every single step you will take while online dating. But please remember that checking the person out online differs totally from stalking that person.

Dating Online Can Get Tricky Because of the Easy Access

Dating online can get tricky because of the easy access
Dating online can get tricky because of the easy access.

One of the main characteristics of dating online is that it is easy to access. But that can also be a weak point because that can make online dating too overwhelming and confusing. And it can also be dangerous. In online dating, there is not a guaranteed way to find out who is on the other side of the screen. Even when the leading online apps have been trying to improve that, the truth is that there is not a specific way to find out who the other person is.

Another part of that point about online dating is that the easier the access, the harder the dating. There are a lot of options, even when apps offer filters. So online dating can get tricky if you don’t specifically know what you want. But if there are many people in the same place as you, it can be difficult. For that reason, it is important to stay focus on what you are looking for and what you want to achieve.

Dating Online Can Get Tricky Because It Is Different

Dating online can be difficult because it is different.
Dating online can be difficult because it is different

We all get scared or uncomfortable while we do something new. Dating online is not the most common way to date. For that reason, we can find dating online as something different and a whole new world. And trying online dating can make us feel uncomfortable and insecure. But just because it is something new or different, it doesn’t mean it is bad. The key is to find a safe and healthy way of online dating.

So, you must analyze and study the entire online dating process. Find guides that can help you go on the process of dating safely, and search for other people’s experiences to take as examples. That is the reason why the Love 2.0 series of articles started to let you know all you may need to know about the online dating world. But the most crucial part is to set some goals for yourself, along with the standards to guide your dating process. Remember to go slow with everything, and to take your time to get to know the person you are dating online.

Now, those are the main reasons why online dating can get tricky in a very general way. There is so much more on the dark side of dating online. But this is a great way to start. So, as always, I invite you to stay tuned, because the Love 2.0 series for the online dating world discovering continues.