This time in the Love 2.0 series, it is time to talk about online love stories. Love 2.0 stories are real and common. Here are 3 celebrity couples that met online.

Love 2.0 Stories: 3 Celebrity Couples that Met Online.
Love 2.0 Stories: 3 Celebrity Couples that Met Online.

Over the last years, and thanks to the social media boom, love 2.0 was born. Love 2.0 is something that decades ago could seem fictional, but every day it has become more real than ever. Online love stories started mostly through dating pages. But since some years ago, online love has grown through social media.

For that reason, it has become more and more common to hear about couples with online love stories. Mostly because online love used to be something not so common and almost a taboo. But couples with online love stories are great examples that love is a feeling and connection. Also, they have shown off that love can break any physical barrier. And that love can be found anywhere if we search for it.

Love 2.0 is a complete complex and unique world. And it is an unknown world for most people. In the Love 2.0 series, we have been gone through a journey. A journey for getting to know the online love world. In previous articles, we shared some reasons to start dating online. Then we started taking Love 2.0 seriously and shared some tips to date online safely. But this time, we are going to take some examples of couples with online love stories.

More specifically, this time we are going to share online love stories from celebrity couples. These top three celebrity couples are examples that online love is a really serious thing. But they are also examples that love stories can come in any way and at any time. These celebrity couples have shown off that online love, like any other type of love, is something that needs to be developed and built.

Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #1: Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef

Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #1: Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef
Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #1: Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef.
Original photo from us.hola

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef are not only a lovely married couple, but they also have a beautiful family together. The celebrity couple dated for two years and finally got married in 2018. But their love story actually started online, and it was Ricky Martin who made the first move.

Before falling in love with the man, Ricky Martin felt in love with his art. Jwan Yosef is a Swedish plastic artist, and Ricky Martin was looking for art pieces on Instagram when he found him. After falling in love with his art, Martin searched for the artist behind it. That was how he got the courage to send the artist a DM, flattering Yosef’s talent.

Through conversations about art, the celebrity couple started to get to know each other online and first became friends. After six months of online chatting, they were finally physically at the same place. That’s when the couple had their first official date, and the love story continues to grow along with their family.

Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #2: Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor

Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #2: Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor
Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #2: Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor.
Photo from oprahmag

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have been dating since 2015 and are a barrier-breaking celebrity couple. The couple has an age difference of 32 years: Holland is 77, and Sarah is 45. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor are an LGBTQ+ couple that has been an example for many in the industry about loving freely. This celebrity couple has shown that age differences are not barriers and have remained one of the most stable celebrity couples.

The most amazing part about this couple is that their love story started online. Since Twitter’s boom, both actresses have been active users. After following each other, Holland made the first move and sent a DM to Sarah. The couple started talking online in 2015, starting their love story privately, until 2016, when they confirmed their relationship.

Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #3: Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams

Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #3: Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams
Love 2.0 Celebrity Couple #3: Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams.
Original photo from popsugar

This celebrity couple is the definition of a modern love story. Sarah Hyland is known for her hilarious character in Modern Family and has held celebrity status for years. She had a major crush on Wells Adams since 2016 after he appeared as a bartender in the Bachelor in Paradise Season.

Sarah shared her crush on Twitter, and that is how the couple’s flirting started online. After several flirty tweets from both sides, the couple started direct messaging with one another. They were not in the same physical area, so their love story continued online for some months, until October 2017, when the couple celebrated Halloween together with a couple’s costume.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are a great example that couples that started online can be successful and stable. The celebrity couple announced their relationship in November 2017, and their love story remained strong even in dark times.

Wells was Sarah’s biggest supporter when she when through health problems a couple of years ago. He was her caregiver and gave her strength amid her struggle. In 2019, the couple had one of the most romantic engagements at the beach and recently celebrated their first engagement anniversary.

These three unique and incredible celebrity couples are great examples that online love is real and fair. These couples have been fearless enough to live their love stories. The three celebrity couples are some of the most stable and healthy relationships in Hollywood. And all these love stories started online.