Compatibility, timing, communication, and moving towards the same direction are the building blocks of a relationship. The foundation, however, is and always will be, the love connection between you and your partner. A strong love connection cannot thrive if plagued with codependency, boredom, and habit. Here are three innocent habits we form in relationships that ruin our love connection.

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Bad relationship habits can ruin a lovely love connection.

Bad relationship habits can ruin a lovely love connection.
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When Netflix And Chill Turns Into A Habit

Nothing seems more fantastic than leaving the stress behind and relaxing with your love connection over a movie. Netflix-and-chill offers many perks in a relationship. We get to talk, search, analyze the movie, snuggle, make out, snack, and just be ourselves. Be careful of this relationship habit, though, as this initial high can be very addictive and ruin the love connection.

Counting on this habit to maintain your love connection can ruin the relationship. Why? Because this is only one of the many activities we can do in love relationships and we tend to stick to it because it’s easy and comfortable. Every night becomes movie-night. Before we know it, we don’t even watch the movies, the snacks get worse, and there is no more cuddling.

The problem comes when we get too comfortable and seem to stop wanting to do anything else. Think of all the activities you can do with your paramour: see a play, go to a movie theater, maybe the museum. These other activities can deepen that love connection, yet we let these repetitious habits ruin our relationship, which is devastating for the love connection, and personal and relationship growth.

Love is in the air, not on the couch. Get up before it ruins the love you worked so hard to get.

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Don't ruin a good connection by turning it into a habit.
Don’t ruin a good thing by turning it into a habit.
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Too Much Connection Ruins Love

I’ve done this myself, and I see others do it all the time. They ruin a stable relationship by expecting their better half to be there throughout the entirety of their day to day habits. It is lovely to be with each other, so we tend to include our love connection with our mundane activities to liven them up. We wait for hours to go together to the gym, or we want them there when we do our groceries. We book a couple’s massage when we are stiff, and we invite them to our after-work happy hour.

When we share so much of ourselves, we are left with no energy for anything special. A love connection doesn’t just happen to lucky people- it takes effort and maintenance. This habit forms quickly, especially if we have a love connection and compatibility with our partner from the beginning. Inevitably, our love connection weakens because our brains stop being able to tell the difference between our loved one and everyone else.

There is no reason to merge every aspect of your life into the relationship. It is better to miss your boyfriend or girlfriend for a bit, then turn them into a prompt.

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Partying together is not enough to keep for love connection.
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When Socializing Together Becomes More Important Than Being Together

This goes to all the extroverts and social butterflies out there. It is the opposite of the previous point. Some solid relationships end up ruined because people don’t spend enough quality time together. They have a habit of maintaining the love connection by looking for constant thrill and, even worse, outside validation.

Some people thrive in crowds and look for love connections in social experiences. The relationship seems great because you have a habit of being fun. People love being around you, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are looking to keep your relationship and initial love connection strong, you must invest more time in your partner. Spending time with your love connection in social gatherings only isn’t enough.

It is great to be seen and only natural to want to share your relationship with others. But what happens when partying together is all you guys do? You forget who your partner was when you met. The habit of always looking for thrills can ruin your relationship. Your love connection can weaken over time because of a habit to always need excitement and to be the center of attention.

Relationships often end because the initial love connection is ruined, and a strong love connection can’t thrive on codependency, boredom, and habit. It’s important to recognize these habits as they occur, to keep your relationship strong and long-lasting. Do you have any tips for keeping these habits at bay? Let us know in the comments!