We’ve had a lot of great articles posted this week! If you missed us, here are the top 3 Love Articles for this week that are sure to make for an awesome read!

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3 Reasons Being Single is Good for Your Love Life by Renea Di Bella

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

We’ve all been single at some point in our lives, and many look at it as a bad thing. Renea tells us that is not the case and breaks down three reasons why being single benefits our love life. If you still need to read it, you can find it here, and make sure to leave a comment about how being single has impacted you!

5 Tips to Deescalate an Argument With Your Partner by Moira King

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Arguments happen in every relationship. In fact, it’s healthy to argue if done constructively. In this article, Moira gives five tips to use to successfully deescalate a tense situation and turn it around so that it benefits your relationship. If you haven’t read it yet, you can get it here.

3 Couples That Showed Love Doesn’t Have a Color by Haydee Vanegas

Graphic by Haydee Vanegas.

Love can break any barrier, and that’s what makes this article so great. In it, Haydee gives us three couples from history who married someone outside their race despite the racial issues it caused them. Many faced struggles that tested their love for one another and all triumphed in the face of adversary. Full of interesting facts from history, it’s a must-read for everyone! You can find it here!

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