Toxic love stories are everywhere. And celebrity couples are not an exception. Here are two celebrity couples with toxic love stories—both examples of psychological or physical violence.

2 Celebrity Couples with toxic love stories.
2 celebrity couples with toxic love stories
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas

Almost every relationship can get toxic. That happens because of many factors. One of the main aspects that can make a relationship toxic is the people involved. Because each partner has different ways to see the world, and each partner can expect something different from the other one. But the important part about toxic relationships is to recognize it and become aware of them.

So, the main thing to take into account is that toxic relationships have huge side effects. Because toxic relationships usually bring suffering to at least one of the people involved. In that way, toxic relationships have many characteristics to consider. These can allow you to recognize if it happens to you. One of the characteristics of toxic relationships is that there is a lot of manipulation involved.

Another characteristic is that toxic relationships consist of violence or abuse. And along with that, there is some avoidance from at least one partner. But the best way to explain toxic relationships is by portraying them with examples. That is the reason why this series of articles Toxic Love started. Because sharing top couples with toxic relationships is a great way to explain what toxic love is and how to recognize it.

For that reason, in this opportunity, we will focus on celebrity couples. In a previous article, we shared the top three celebrity couples with romantic love stories. But the entertainment world is also famous for toxic relationships. Here are the top two celebrity couples with toxic romantic relationships. They are selected for presenting at least one characteristic of toxic relationships.

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp: A Toxic Relationship in Battle

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp, A Toxic Relationship in Battle
Amber Heard & Johnny Depp, a toxic relationship in battle
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas

This celebrity couple is one of the most famous cases of a toxic relationship in Hollywood. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are a couple currently in battle. But let’s review this couple since the start. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met at The Rum Diary movie set. In that movie, they played a couple of lovers, but at that time, Heard was already in a relationship with Tasya van Ree.

Depp and Heard started dating in 2012. After they both called quits with their past relationships, but they didn’t make it official until 2013 when they made their first red carpet appearance together. Later, in 2014, Depp revealed they were engaged since the start of that year. And the celebrity couple with over 20 years of age difference got married in 2015. So, we can say that this toxic love started moving on really fast through the relationship stages.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, a love story that became toxic.
Amber Heard & Johnny Depp, a love story that became toxic
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas

But after a year of marriage, things became dark between the couple. In 2016, Heard filed for divorce and got a restraining order against Depp. This was when the love story started getting tricky. Because at first, Heard alleged she was divorcing him for irreconcilable differences. But later, she claimed her ex-husband was abusive during their quick marriage. And Depp consistently denied it but also alleged Heard was trying to blackmail him for better financial conditions.

Since then, the couple started a legal battle. With both sides alleging the other person was abusive during the marriage. But this wasn’t the first time the couple’s relationship was characterized by violence. In 2015, Depp was injured while filming a movie, and he alleged it was a result of a fight with Heard. Also, in the past, Heard was accused of physically assaulting her ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree in 2009.

This toxic relationship got has been exposed through all the legal processes the couple has been going through. And Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s battle lasted from 2018 to 2020. Because in 2018, Depp accused her of defamation against him. But one of the main characteristics of the toxic relationship is all the abuse and the manipulation.

Rihanna & Chris Brown: A Toxic Relationship With One-sided Abuse

Rihanna & Chris Brown, A Toxic Relationship With One-sided Abuse
Rihanna & Chris Brown, a toxic relationship with one-sided abuse
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas

This is a couple that became popular for violence and abuse during their relationship. Rihanna and Chris Brown are a huge example of one-sided abuse. This couple was also into a lot of controversies when everything exploded. Because Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship was mostly seen as a love story than as a toxic love story, they met when Brown did a remix for Rihanna’s hit Umbrella in 2007. And in the same year, they even did an Asian tour together.

Rihanna and Brown made their relationship public in 2008 when they were each other’s date at the Grammys. And since then, everything seemed bright and romantic. They traveled together, and Brown even went to Rihanna’s native place Barbados with her. But in 2009, at the Grammys, the couple was supposed to perform, it was reported they had a car accident. Then, the toxic and real story came out.

Rihanna and Chris Brown, A Celebrity Couple that went from love to toxic abuse.
Rihanna and Chris Brown, a celebrity couple that went from love to toxic abuse
Original photo from Graphic by Haydee Vanegas

Rihanna went out of the car and started walking away from there. Brown turned himself in to the police. After months, the couple went to trial, where Brown pled guilty. So, Rihanna’s toxic lover was sentenced to domestic violence to five years of community service and counseling. And that was the first time the couple called quits.

After that, Brown apologized on repeated occasions. In 2011, he twisted his situation and decided to go from the abuser to the victim when Brown claimed that “situation” was ruining his carrier and his life. But in 2012, Rihanna showed her forgiveness via Twitter by defending him from attacks. So they became friends again. Since then, they decided to give their toxic love another try. And split again in 2013. According to Brown, things didn’t work out because Rihanna hated him for past abuse.

These couples are real and awful examples of toxic relationships. Something really important to point out is that any abuse, under any circumstance, should not be part of a relationship. Because through abuse at least one of the partners, if not both of them suffer. But any manipulation should not be present, because that can make the relationship even more toxic.

So, if you are in a relationship characterized by manipulation and abuse, you should know that, as these examples portrayed, toxic relationships are a bomb that will explode sooner or later. And it is better to stop the situation and divide ways before the suffering gets bigger.