One of the main characteristics of toxic love is manipulation. And there are examples from it everywhere. Here are 2 toxic couples from TV series.

Toxic Love: 2 Couples From Tv Series As Examples of Manipulation.
Toxic Love: 2 Couples From TV Series As Examples of Manipulation

Manipulation is a really interesting aspect of human beings. It is something that can be present in any area or aspect. So let’s start by defining it. In a very generic way, manipulation is the control, handle, and use of something or someone. That means toxically using someone or something because it is not taking into account the person’s freedom.

But when a person is manipulated, it is psychological and emotional manipulation. That is the undue action of inducing and controlling a person. In psychological and emotional manipulation, the term “undue” is key. Because this manipulation is done to seize power and benefit at the victim’s expenses, and that is aggression through the other person.

Manipulation in humans means to assault a person or a group of people. But a better way to understand toxic love and manipulation is through examples. In the past, we reviewed some couples with toxic relationships from movies. Also, we discussed some celebrity couples with toxic relationships. Now, it is time for 2 couples from TV series that are great examples of manipulation.

Spoiler Warning!

Example #1 of Manipulation in Relationships: You

Joe and Guinevere, the main couple on the first season of Netflix original series YOU.
Joe and Guinevere, the main couple on the first season of Netflix’s original series You
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This couple is an excellent example of manipulation and toxic relationship. Joe and Guinevere are the main characters in the first season of the TV series You. One of the main things that can be highlighted from this couple is that everything is wrong between them from the very start. Joe is a psychopath; he is an obsessive, deliriant, and unstable assassin. So, before even getting to know Guinevere properly, he starts spying on and harassing her. And he thinks he is in love when what he has is an obsession.

In this TV series, this toxic relationship starts with manipulation. When Joe first sees Guinevere, he starts following and spying on her. He becomes so obsessed that he starts manipulating the situations and life aspects to make his apparent love happen. An example of that is that Joe kills Guinevere’s boyfriend to get him out of the way.

A psychopath and the manipulation against his victims.
A psychopath and the manipulation against his victims
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He starts manipulating Guinevere’s entire life. When she finally finds out what Joe has been doing, she freaks out. And that is when Joe goes further and kidnaps her to force her to be with him. The result of this manipulation is Joe murdering Guinevere when she tries to escape from him. Psychopaths like Joe are a perfect portrait of manipulation because they tend to manipulate everyone else. And that is why the series is scary and worrying at the same time.

Example #2 of Manipulation in Relationships: 13 Reasons Why

Chloe and Bryce from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why Season 2.
Chloe and Bryce from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why Season 2
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This is an intense and toxic couple. Of all the characters in Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, Bryce is probably the most manipulative. He is a psychopath; he is a toxic and manipulative young adult who finds pleasure controlling everyone around him. Not only during his toxic relationship with his girlfriend, Chloe, but also in the first season, we learn that he is a rapist. He manipulated girls and assaulted them.

Bryce’s relationship with Chloe might seem like a perfect dream relationship. But that is how Bryce’s manipulation portrayed the relationship. Bryce’s manipulation included raping Jessica and Hannah and making everyone else believe it was consensual sex. Also, Bryce’s manipulation covered the entire school, so he manipulated everyone else to make it seem as if Jessica and Hannah were “easy” girls. And his girlfriend, Chloe, wasn’t an exception.

A photo of Bryce with his arm around Chloe in Thirteen Reasons Why
Bryce manipulated Chloe throughout the entire show
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Bryce stayed in a relationship and started dating Chloe just for manipulation. He needed to have an alibi as a loyal and stable boyfriend for the trials he had to face for raping Jessica and Hannah. That is how Bryce manipulates Choe to be his most loyal witness at the trials, even when Chloe was Bryce’s current victim of sexual assault. The result of this toxic relationship is Chloe destroyed and pregnant with Bryce’s baby.

As you might notice, one of the main characteristics of manipulation is the assault of the other person. In that way, a relationship under manipulation is characterized by control and benefit instead of love. That is why it is really important to keep an eye on aspects as the control and induction a partner might have.

It is essential to highlight that manipulation is toxic to relationships because the person is being attacked and assaulted. If the other person cannot be themselves, then the relationship is not healthy. And any kind of assault is not correct and is a breach of basic human rights.