A toxic love story occurs when one partner suffers and movies are great sources to find them. Here are three couples from movies with toxic love stories!

Toxic Love: 3 Toxic Love Stories From Movies.
Toxic Love: 3 Toxic Love Stories From Movies.

Each love story is unique and different, but some matches just aren’t meant to be. Interaction can get tricky, and not everyone can healthily relate to others. Moreso, none of us are perfect. That is why toxic love stories exist.

But what is a toxic love story? When we say toxic, we use it to refer to something that can cause any damage. So, for us, something toxic is something potentially dangerous to our health. Because human relationships are a complex topic, they can be perceived in many different ways, but some points can still define a toxic love story.

In that way, we can define a toxic love story as a romantic relationship that causes damage to at least one partner and a relationship that affects at least one lover’s wellness. Toxic love stories always present at least one kind of violent behavior, inflicting physical, emotional, or psychological damage. A relationship can also be considered toxic of the partners are not happy or interested in the union.

Now, welcome to the toxic love series. Here we will share couples that are examples of toxic love stories to make us aware of how toxic love can be, how it affects people, and to help make improvements in our own love lives to live healthily.

Toxic Movie Love Story #1: Harley Quinn & The Joker

Toxic Love Story From Movie #1: Harley Quinn & The Joker
Toxic Love Story From Movie #1: Harley Quinn & The Joker.

The story of Joker and Harley Quinn is definitely one of the most toxic love stories in the pop culture industry. It’s a love story portrayed repeatedly in series, comics, movies, fanfictions, and so on. But the truth is that Harley Quinn and “Mr. J’s” story is, in reality, a very toxic one. 

While working as a psychiatrist, Harley makes one of the biggest sins a medical professional can: she falls in love with a patient. Considering that patient is an antisocial, psychopathic clown imprisoned for criminal activity, you can see we’re already off to a great start.

In the most recent Suicide Squad movie, large parts of Harley Quinn and Mr. J’s toxic love story are revealed through flashbacks. Joker starts to flirt with his pretty psychiatrist- a common behavior in antisocial patients. Harley falls in love with his intense personality despite her training, and this weakness allows Joker to manipulate her.

Joker’s treatment of Harley throughout the movie is crude and disrespectful. Harley’s obsessive love for the Joker made her turn her back on her life, career, and reputation to live out her fantasy love story with Mr. J. She does everything her lover tells her to do, so Joker lets her stay by his side as he continues to abuse and manipulate her. With a relationship based this much on obsession and addiction, it’s no wonder it’s a poster-child for toxic relationships everywhere!

Toxic Movie Love Story #2: Carrie & Mr. Big

Toxic Love Story From Movie #2: Carrie & Mr. Big.
Toxic Love Story From Movie #2: Carrie & Mr. Big.

Carrie and Mr. Big are the main couple from the TV series Sex and The City and its subsequent spin-off movies. Carrie and Mr. Big met in the pilot episode of the series by accident in the streets of Manhattan. Since the very first moment, Carrie falls in love with him. 

This couple can be considered toxic because when Carrie has always stayed committed to the relationship, Mr. Big hasn’t. Mr. Big struggles with commitment and intimacy issues throughout the series and frequently pushes Carrie aside. It throws the toxic couple into constant drama and is the reason why Carrie is a damaged and heartbroken character throughout the series. 

The cycle of toxicity visible throughout the relationship is the biggest sign this relationship is toxic— it’s a love story of breakups and makeups. Mr. Big is emotionally unavailable. Even when Mr. Big is always pushing Carrie’s needs aside, Carrie always longs for him. The relationship consistently damages Carrie’s self-esteem, and her mental and emotional wellness is always at risk.

Toxic Movie Love Story #3: Bender & Claire

Toxic Love Story From Movie #3: Bender & Claire
Toxic Love Story From Movie #3: Bender & Claire.

This toxic love story comes all the way from 1985! Claire and Bender are two of the main characters from the popular movie The Breakfast Club.  Featuring a popular girl at school and a bad boy, anti-hero, it’s safe to say this relationship was unhealthy from the start.

Claire and Bender met in detention, and their love story starts off tricky and twisted. Bad-boy Bender starts a conversation with Claire by asking whether or not she’s a virgin. First off, that is an incredibly personal question and, in some ways, can be considered sexual harassment.

Throughout the conversation, there is constant degradation and prying into Claire’s personal life. The entire conversation ultimately pressures her into doing things she otherwise would have never done. It is important to note that the movie is now over 35 years old, and a lot has (thankfully) changed since the 1980s in terms of sexual harassment and bullying. However, this type of toxic love story and peer pressure does still exist in today’s society.

These three couples have three very different love stories, but each has clear signs of toxic relationships when looked at closely. One partner is subjected to abuse, manipulation, or damage, no matter how harmless it might seem at the time.

Though the ones inflicted with the most damage in these examples were women, that is not always the case. It’s important to note that toxic relationships can happen to anyone at any time.

What do you think of these couples and their toxic love stories? Do you have an example of your own? Leave us a comment! And be sure to check back into Love Aroono for more love stories!