When things get hard, it can sometimes feel like you’re not hearing from God anymore. You can rest assured, that’s not true. God’s still talking to you. You just need to know what that might look like.

There are different ways to know you're hearing from God
Hearing from God can take different forms
Photo courtesy of Gerd Altmann

Only One Decision Feels Right

We all know the feeling of waiting to hear a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from God. You’ve prayed and prayed, but you’re still not sure which direction to go. Sometimes God answers so quietly, all you get is a gut feeling. You’re looking for a burning bush when He’s sending you a small wind with the answer. Do a gut-check. How does each direction make you feel? Does one decision feel like a better fit?

Now, this is different from being afraid to take a risk. If fear is one of the emotions you identify during your self-reflection, dig deeper. Your answer is there.

Other People are on the Same Page

Sometimes you’re not the only one hearing from God. Even if you’re not sure, other people are getting the answer for you. Whether you’ve shared your indecision with others or you’ve been keeping it to yourself, God still knows.

There’s nothing stopping him from giving your confirmation to your friends or family. They’re still hearing from God too. If the people around you start giving you information about your situation, it could be a great sign that you’re hearing from God.

Things are Falling into Place

Another thing that’s a great sign you’re hearing from God is seeing things fall into place. When God is in agreement with a certain course of action, you’ll know it. Sometimes the movement is obvious and happens in one fell swoop, like getting a promotion. At other times, it’s a bunch of small things. You might not even notice it at first.

The important thing is to pay attention and connect the dots. Ask yourself, “What’s been happening in my life lately? Where could this possibly lead?” When you answer those questions honestly, you’ll realize you’re hearing from God.