Charity is when we take ourselves out of the equation and work to improve someone else’s lives. Charity comes in all types. Here are 3 types of charity.

Photo of man taking part in organized charity.
Photo of man taking part in organized charity by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I wanted to write something different this Friday. Instead of my usual biblical reflection based on the day’s readings, I wanted to talk to you about Charity.

Charity Can Mean Something Simple

Charity doesn’t mean that you have to do something extravagant. Charity can be something simple. You can take today to give everyone you meet a large smile and a warm greeting. This small action can brighten someone’s day.

Another simple act of Charity could be holding the door open for someone, helping someone put the groceries into their trunk, getting something off the top shelf for someone struggling to reach.

We can also call our mothers just to say I love you. Offer to help her in any way you can. Don’t forget about your father. He may not want to ask for help, but they could use your charity from time to time.

Charity Can Be Organized

I know we are all in quarantine and don’t think we can help out in any meaningful way. But charity waits for no one. The homeless still need to eat. Many soup kitchens are offering pack-and-go type of meals. They still need volunteers to help bag up the meals and hand them out to the homeless.

Organizations like the Knights of Columbus are still out there everyday making a difference. We also help by giving our member’s charity. When you’re the member of a brotherhood, you can always count on your brothers providing charity for one another. A good way to receive charity is to join a group that provides it. When you’re able to help others. One day you may need the help and others will happily bestow charity on you.

Charity Can Be Extravagant

Charity can be something big. A large donation to the Church, or perhaps to your local school. Maybe you want to help the homeless so you go and buy a thousand dollar’s worth of canned food and donate it to the homeless shelter.

Maybe you can buy a suit or interview dress for a man in need. Maybe the only thing stopping him from landing his dream job is interview attire. You can sponsor a kids sports team and help those kids stay out of trouble while learning teamwork and that hard work pays off.

Charity can come in lots of different ways. But today, let’s focus on one of the ways that charity can help benefit, not only others, but you.