A big part of a Christian’s life is being able to minister to others. If you’re feeling out of sorts because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are other ways you can still reach out to others. Let’s look at three great methods for spreading the Word of God and living out an expression of the Christian walk.

It's possible to minister during the COVID-19 pandemic
You can still minister during COVID-19
Photo courtesy of Godsgirl Madi

Minister to the Most Vulnerable

Even though the lockdown is hard for everyone, some persons are having a harder time dealing with it than others. These include the elderly and those who live alone. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, they may have had visitors and would have been able to leave the house whenever they wanted. Without social activities, these people are struggling with the effects of being alone. If there are people like that in your church family, make sure to reach out to them. Give them a call every week to minister to them and find out how they’re doing.

You should also bear in mind that you’re not limited to minister to your church alone. The need is as global as COVID-19, so if you have the resources, find out which organizations need help and get involved. That way you can minister to an even wider range of people.

Minister Through Volunteering

We all know that the way you minister can involve more than sharing God’s Word or your own experiences. It also means helping out those in need. The level of COVID-19 lockdown varies from one place to the other, but a number of areas count food or medical deliveries to those in need as an essential service.

That means you can get involved in food distribution and other helpful avenues. If you’d prefer to minister to others while staying at home, don’t worry. There are avenues that can help you minister to others online or by phone.

You Can Minister Online

Choosing this method to minister is wonderful whether you’re used to sharing the Word on the Internet or not. You can keep things small by having sessions on Zoom with people in your church family or invite whoever is interested. If going live is not your strong suit, YouTube and other video-based social media platforms are great options too. More people are seeking out online resources to help them deal with COVID-19.

For those who are more comfortable with writing than the online version of public speaking, what about blogs or magazines? You can contribute to an existing online venue or start your own blog. Starting your own blog is a good option if you’d like to minister this way on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.