Now more than ever, people have been looking for helpful Christian resources online. One helpful tool you may have heard of is a Bible study app. If you’re in lockdown with your family, here’s how the apps can help them too.

Bible study apps are great for the whole family
Bible study apps are great for the whole family
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Bible Study Apps are Kid-Friendly

Bible study isn’t just for grown-ups and these new apps know that. With the right app you can get guides for adults as well as kids. This includes breaking down verses into plain English. The Bible study schedule will also be easier to follow. Since some of these apps come with songs, kids of all ages will be interested in doing Bible study.

Bible Study Apps Have Audio

Not all of your family members will be able to read the Bible verses. This may be because of a disability or decreased vision from aging. For that reason, many Bible study apps can read the verses and study sessions aloud. Even the app reminders can be set to speak instead of having a text reminder alone. These Bible study apps are also great for those who need to work and use them at the same time.

Your phone can hols your sermon with Bible study apps
Your phone can hold your sermon with Bible study apps
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Bible Study Apps Don’t Just Scratch the Surface

Bible study apps go further than giving you Bible verses to read. Some of them really dig into the history of the Bible. Others can help you see the link between verses in the Old and New Testament. Bible study apps like these help you find out more about the Word. If you’re looking to learn more about the Bible, then a guided app might be just what you need.

Bible Study Apps are a Church Service in Your Hand

If you’re missing having regular church, a Bible study app could be a great help. Some of these apps have popular hymns, Bible lessons, and in-depth sermons. This makes it easy for you to have a full church service whenever you want. Your worship doesn’t need to be limited to a specific day or whenever your church is having an online service.

Great Bible Study Apps to Try

  • Accordance is great for a deep study of the Bible. It also offers parallel scrolling so you can easily compare different versions of the Bible.
  • Bible Gateway a Bible study app that offers a wide range of devotions and audio options.
  • E-Sword apart from its research feature, e-sword also has great audio sermons to choose from.

Getting the whole family involved with Bible study is easy with the right app. Make sure to do your research so you find the one that’s right for you.