Old or young, we all need mentors — those whose lifestyles we want to emulate.  In Christianity, it is called discipleship. Jesus spent many hours one-on-one with His followers.

Three people studying at a table.
Teaching and studying The Word of God together is discipleship
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Are Old-Schoolers Obsolete?

As a senior, I am now considered “old school” when it comes to the reality of The Spirit of God’s role in an individual’s life and the circumstance-changing Word of God in today’s American society. I guess I am.  

I’ve been walking with the Lord Jesus for 39 years and have experienced His Faithfulness and the Truth of His Word many, many times over.  He is my constant Companion who I talk with throughout my waking hours.  He truly is my Beloved Best Friend.

I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart. I have declared Your Faithfulness and Your Salvation. I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great assembly.

Psalm 40:10 (NKJV)

I’ve been labeled a “storyteller”.  And I guess I am that too.  I cannot help but share the miraculous stories of what God does in my life. People need to hear about a Good, Loving, Life-giving Father Who desires to do for us.

Commonplace Miracles

God doesn’t kill or take away from anyone’s life. That is a misnomer that even Christians believe. God’s supernatural intervention has brought me physical healings, deep emotional healings of trauma and wounds of childhood, and intervention in life’s circumstances so extraordinary that years ago my husband and I were on TBN giving testimony to one of those momentous events in our family’s life.

Mine is not a Sunday-go-to-church faith.  Mine is down-in-the-trenches-tested and proven faith.  I trust the Character of God and the effectiveness of His Word. 

Elderly woman reading her Bible.
The Character of God is found throughout The Bible
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I Don’t Just Believe in God, I Believe Him

Due to the fact that God did an extraordinary act of healing for my mother when I was 16 years old, the foundation for believing God’s Word was set. I take Him at His Word because He never lies nor goes back on His Word.

God did not call us to have church buildings; to sit in pews once a week or three times a week.  Religion started that concept.  He called us to be disciple-makers (Matt. 28:19) — the older in faith teaching the younger the ways and character of God Almighty.

I thank God for the disciple-maker mentors we had long ago. The couple took us under their wing when we first became born-again.  They “taught” us through their lifestyle and by being available to us to answer my many questions.  I saw their faith applied in all areas of their daily lives.  I observed, listened, and followed their footsteps as they followed Jesus’.

Footprints in the sand.
John 8:12
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As I followed in my mentor’s footsteps, I dared to believe for tiny, itty-bitty things in my life, I saw The LORD’s Hand move on my behalf.  My faith grew stronger each time so that when tsunami’s hit my life, I believed God would move on my behalf.  And He has never let me down.

Thus says this “old schooler” to the you, possibly the younger.