If you’re like many Christians, you might have wondered if you’re attending the right church. With quite a few online church services, you might have even seen a few that could be a better fit. Here’s how to tell.

Many Christians wonder if they're in the right church
Many Christians wonder if they’re in the right church
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The Right Church Engages You

Every Christian has talents and God’s Word calls on you to use yours. If you’re in a church that doesn’t engage you in using your talents, it might not be the right one for you. Of course, just because your church doesn’t have a program for you right now, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Talk to your pastor or someone else in charge. Ask them if they’d be open to something new. That way your church can grow into the right one.

The Right Church Encourages Study

It’s not enough to have the same church service over and over. The right church encourages you to dig deeper into God’s Word and know more about Him. You should be able to study the Word and see how it applies to your life. The right church isn’t satisfied with only telling you what’s on the surface.

You'll grow spiritually in the right church
You’ll grow spiritually in the right church
Image by Valéria Rodrigues Valéria from Pixabay

The Right Church Encourages Spiritual Growth

Along with learning more about God, the right church teaches you how to grow your relationship with Him. In God’s Word, you learn about different gifts that can develop as you grow spiritually. If you’re in the right church, you’ll see them making the effort to help this happen.

Bear in mind that not everyone will develop these gifts. However, every Christian can have a deeper relationship with God.

The Right Church Encourages Fellowship

Christians need each other. Many Bible verses tell you that you will be stronger if you have the support of your Christian brethren. The right church will make have programs in place to make sure this happens. Fellowship can take the form of special meetings or activities like a youth group.

Fellowship can also include community activities where you get the chance to help others. This is an important part of your Christian life as well.

There’s nothing wrong with wondering if you’re in the right church. With the right questions, it will be easy for you to find out. Make sure you talk to your pastor before you leave, though. It’s possible they just aren’t aware of what you’re missing.