Is Game of Thrones too sexual for you?  Read Lord of the Rings too many times?  Are The Chronicles of Narnia too simplistic?  Brandon Sanderson writes great fantasy Christians can enjoy.

Bookshelves.  Sometimes it's hard to find good clean fantasy.
Sometimes it’s hard to find good clean fantasy.
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Clean Fiction Christians Can Enjoy

Many Christians are hesitant to read certain fantasy novels due to objectionable content.  If sex, violence, and foul language bother you, but you enjoy fantasy, sometimes you feel like your options are small. There’s not a lot of Christian fantasy novels.  And it’s hard to find secular fantasy that’s clean.  The popularity of A Song of Ice and Fire, known more commonly as Game of Thrones, has caused a rise in R-rated fantasy.

There are excellent fantasy authors out there; they may not be Christian—meaning released by Christian publishing houses or have Christian themes or allegories in their work—but they are clean.  One of those authors is Brandon Sanderson.  I have yet to find a fantasy novel written by Sanderson that I didn’t enjoy or found to be sketchy from a Christian perspective.

I discovered Brandon Sanderson years ago when I was looking for some new fantasy to read. My friends kept recommending Sanderson’s work.  I gave in and read The Way of Kings and became hooked on Sanderson’s writing style and clever world-building.  After reading his Mistborn series, Sanderson became one of my favorite authors.  But what I like about Sanderson’s work is that he’s clean.  There is little to no cursing, and if there is cursing, it’s unique to the world the story is set it.  There is little to no sexual content.  If anything sexual does happen, it happens between chapters. Sanderson is classy.

A person holding a jar up to the night sky so it looks like the galaxy is in the jar.  Brandon Sanderson takes a more scientific approach to the magic in his fantasy.
Brandon Sanderson takes a more scientific approach to the magic in his fantasy.
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Sanderson Uses Scientific Magic

Some Christians have issues with magic in fiction. I don’t have a problem with it, but I understand some Christians do. Most fantasy novels have magic, and Brandon Sanderson uses magic in most of his books, but the way he uses magic is brilliant.  It’s never a wave of a wand, or spells and incantations, or calling upon spirits to have access to magic like you may see in other fantasy series.  Sanderson takes a scientific approach to magic, and his books shine because of it. 

A majority of Sanderson’s fiction takes place in different fantasy worlds.  The stories are in universes with their own sets of rules for how they function.  The magic in a Sanderson fantasy novel is part of the physics of the world itself.  Characters who can use magic have learned how to make use of that aspect of the world.  There is often nothing mystical or evil about Sanderson’s take on magic.  And characters who try to understand the magic in his stories often have to approach it from a scientific point of view to grasp how it functions. I’ve never read magic systems in fantasy like Brandon Sanderson’s before.  And each magic system in each fantasy series operates differently and in a unique way.

So, if you’re a Christian who likes fantasy, but you have an aversion to the more sexualized or R-rated fantasy, or you have an issue with magic, which is popular nowadays, I suggest checking out Brandon Sanderson.  His books are fantastic, and he writes amazing fantasy.

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