When people boast of being a Christian, do they know Jesus Christ? Or only know about Christ. Many Pakistan Christians astoundingly love Christ.

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Christianity is not merely a religion of rituals and rules that must be followed in order to go to heaven. It’s a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This is how Pakistani Christians know Jesus Christ and conform to His likeness.

The Pakistani Christians Not Only Know Jesus Christ, but They Also Love Christ

I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of His resurrection and take part in His sufferings, becoming like Him in his death.

Phil 3:10 (NIV)

Christians acting like Christ is pretending to be someone that they are not. This is a deception. We call it religious trappings. It is to make them look good and feel good. They hide their imperfection and flaws for the approval and praises of the people in the church.

In Pakistan, Christians don’t have to put on these masks of religiosity. They live and walk through reality without personal and cultural infection. They set their eyes only on Jesus.

The Pakistani Christians have experienced the unconditional love of God. They learned that they don’t have to earn the love of God; because God is love. More than knowing Jesus Christ, they astoundingly love Him.

Pakistani Christians Know and Love Christ: Become Courageous

Church leaders pray for the Christian couples burned to death
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Pakistan is fifth on high alert for violence against Christians. Christianity Today says Pakistani Christians dare to meet and worship in the church despite the risk of being attacked by the Islamic Militant. They dare to stand up for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Christian Couple Burned

A mob in Pakistan has beaten to death a Christian couple, Shama and Shehzad. They accused them of blasphemy of the Koran. Then later burned to death. They burned their bodies at the brick kiln where they worked while the people watched. BBC News  

Christian Worshipers Attacked

More than a dozen men with sticks forced their way inside the Pakistan Christian Assembly Church in Punjab province. They beat up the worshippers: men, women, and children. The attack came after the hardline extremist group of Muslims attacked a Christian church in Faisalabad. They attacked and harassed the Christian worshippers so frequently that it’s hard to keep count. UCANews

Pakistan Christian Martyred
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Two Christian Brothers Martyred

Maqsood Ahmed, a Muslim, shot dead two Christian brothers (one was a pastor) after they left the courthouse handcuffed, in the province of Faisalabad. They accused the two brothers Rashid (pictured) and Sajid of blasphemy of the Koran. The court was soon to acquit these innocent men when Ahmed shot them dead. AsiaNews

Pakistani Christians Are Holding Fast Because They Know and Love Christ

Pakistan Christians Hope
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Pakistan is a strongly Islamic country. They treat Christians as second-class citizens. They only give Christians the jobs considered low, dirty, and degrading. And they face the country’s anti-blasphemy law against the Koran with the penalty of death, with a slim chance of being acquitted.

The threat is real in Pakistan. Still, their faith is genuine. They worship quietly and secretly, amidst the risk of the Islamic State’s attack on Christian churches. During Easter Sunday, they lit candles that, for them, symbolized hope in the hearts of the faithful holding on to the love of Christ.

Christians in Pakistan hold firmly to the word of God with their lives. They don’t have a physical copy of the Bible of their own. They memorize scripture and share it with their co-workers who cannot attend churches or gatherings. They put their lives at risk for the love of Christ.

They were in constant fear of another terrorist attack. But this fear turned into faith. They brought their children with them to church despite the risk of their lives. They encouraged each other, which made them strong in holding fast on the love of Christ.

It is amid the horrific persecutions with nothing to boast that Pakistan Christians came to know the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Standing and holding fast to their faith, even at the risk of dying.

To know Jesus, He reveals Himself to a person who wears no mask of religiosity. To love is Christ, and therefore, one gives his life only for the person he genuinely loves. As the bible says:

For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21 CSB.

And this is what the Christians in Pakistan stand for. The love of Christ.