Jesus’ birth was proclaimed with a star. It was the promise of redemption. God still uses stars to keep promises.

God gave me a promise of Jesus' return in a star.
God gave me a promise of Jesus’ return in a star.
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I grew up in a Christian family, went to a Baptist church, and attended a Christian school. I was saved at the age of five. I remember lying in my bed in my cold winter farmhouse bedroom and staring at a large star that was always outside of my window. (I am pretty sure now that it was a satellite.)

In my five-year-old mind, I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be with Jesus. I looked at the distant star and thought, “What if that star was Jesus coming back for me!” I daydreamed about Jesus ripping open the night sky to take me with Him. Then I realized that I wouldn’t go with Him! I was not saved! I crawled onto the cold wood floor, knelt over the side of my bed and asked Jesus into my heart!

Minutes later I barreled down the stairs–to be chastised for getting out of bed–and told my mom and dad that I asked Jesus into my heart. Naturally, as Christian parents should be, they were very happy about this and tucked me back into bed. However, I did not sleep for a long time that night. I lay in my bed, stared out the frosty, moonlit window at the star, and waited for Jesus.

To this day I look to the stars and wait and dream of Jesus’ return. I still imagine Jesus ripping open the night sky to take us out of here. I still look to the stars when I pray, when I hurt, when I need direction. At one of my lowest points in life, I was alone in the high deserts of Moab. I cried and ranted at God. I told God to prove it to me if He loved me. He did. A comet arched across the sky from one hemisphere to the other, as far as my eyes could see. It was as if God traced His finger across the sky for me. Again.

Now, at my home in the mountains of Arizona, I watch the stars, see shooting stars, and meteor showers. I sit with the ones I love and we discuss God, and Jesus’ return. We talk of prophecies of stars falling from the sky. We know it’s coming. I know Jesus is coming back for me.