A priest is an instrument for God or for the Devil. A priest can bring the needed grace by offering the Sacraments. Yet, a priest can be a pawn in the devil’s plan to bring souls to Hell. Pray for our priests that they may persevere in serving the Lord.

Pray for priests so they may follow God’s will and tend their flock.
Image by jaocampoz on Pixabay

1 Samuel 22:11-19


King Saul has been jealous of David and calls for the priests. He wonders why the priests conspired against him by giving David food and a sword and by consulting God for him. He believed David would rebel against him.

The priests say they are faithful servants to God. Saul wants the priests killed and orders his henchman servants. However, they refused to kill the priests. So Saul had Doug the Edomite kill all the priests, 85 of them.


This piece of scripture speaks of many things: martyrdom, choosing right from wrong, abused power. St. Thomas More and King Henry VIII are perfect representations of the king and priests.

While it is true that King Saul was the first king of Israel, he was not the holiest and most repentant. This was only because the Israelites demanded God that they receive a king to be like the other nations.

God later uses this royalty of kings to be born of as royal and messiah. However, the first king was choosing the world instead of God. On the contrary, when Christ instituted the papacy, he did so on His own accord.

Although, just like King Saul, there were bound to be bad popes. Using their power for things against God. Those in power and not fearful of God will use their power to destroy God’s people.

The devil attacks the priest because without the priest there are no sacraments. As laypeople, we must all be weary to not be like the early Israelites. We must choose what God wants and not what the world wants.